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Affiliate Millionaire Program Review

Affiliate Millionaire

Affiliate Millionaire Program is an exclusive online marketing course for aspiring affiliate marketers. By following the Affiliate Millionaire program, you can allegedly build a business with ROIs ranging from 345% to 507%. The creator of Affiliate Millionaire says that he utilized these tactics to go from rookie to millionaire in a year, earning over $1.49 million in Clickbank commissions.

Now, that strikes curiosity. Want to know more about this program? Continue reading this review. Here, you will find all the essential information about Affiliate Millionaire Program. By the end, you will be able to see if it is worth the shot.


  1. What is Affiliate Millionaire Program?
  2. Minds behind Affiliate Millionaire Program.
  3. How Affiliate Millionaire program generates income?
  4. Pros
  5. What do you get in an Affiliate Millionaire Program?
  6. Pricing
  7. Final Verdict

What is Affiliate Millionaire Program?

In essence, the Affiliate Millionaire Program is a systematic guide for affiliate marketing. With its sheer ability, it will enable marketers to go from zero to a stable income daily. Moreover, it is user-friendly and well-suited for beginners. This training offers flexibility and value for all levels of affiliate marketers. It chalks out a clear and comprehensive framework for optimal affiliate marketing that yields desirable goals.

What makes it stand out is that it shuns away from the usual affiliate marketing components. That includes blog posts, organic outreach, FB posts, and ads accounts. It takes a rather different approach.

The curriculum is made up of seven parts each one designed to teach you:

-How to Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Offer to Promote

-How to write excellent text and marketing materials for that offer

-How to optimize and evaluate those marketing pieces for optimal effectiveness

-How to Scale Your Campaign for Maximum Profitability

Affiliate Millionaire Program was created by maestros who made their fortunes with this program. Let’s learn more about them.

Minds behind Affiliate Millionaire Program

Thomas Owen and Andrew Fox are the two forces behind Affiliate Millionaire. These two powerhouses created this training to enable people to build the life they want and gain financial freedom. Both of these guys are Click Bank marketers. It is a leading affiliate marketing platform. They earned big commissions through their smart strategies. Now, they want to impart the knowledge to others.

Thomas Owen is the real game-changer who made over 1.4 million through this sound strategy for affiliate marketing. He, later on, collaborated with Andrew Fox to design the Affiliate Millionaire Program. The prime focus is to help people make a seven-digit earning and leave the monotonous 9-5 working job.

How Affiliate Millionaire Program generates income?

In the Affiliate Millionaire Program, you get a step-by-step guide on how to establish an affiliate business. This is especially very helpful for affiliate marketers in their budding stages. The complete process takes a realistic approach towards moneymaking. There are no fake and superficial promises.

There are four stages involved in the strategy.

  1. Select a product.
  2. Drive the traffic.
  3. Send to the lander.
  4. Collect your commission.

Although the steps seem simple, they demand your effort. After all, you need to be dedicated. However, the effort is completely worth it.

Wait for a second! In this marketing course, everything has been simplified. With that, marketers can get a good grip on affiliate marketing. In this way, it cuts the hustle for them. It teaches them the vital expertise that they can channel into their business plans. That makes them achieve their long-term and short-term financial goals.

Pros of Affiliate Millionaire Program

It is good to be well aware of both sides of the coin. That is why; we have jotted down the pros and cons of this training below.


  • Facilitating and friendly for beginners.
  • Fast action bonuses
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • No expertise is required to start.
  • Systematic and well-defined modules.
  • Premium support for affiliate markers.

Affiliate Millionaire’s developers say that their program will enable you to enjoy “the ideal affiliate lifestyle.” Thomas, for example, relocated to Portugal, where he loves sunny weather and a healthy work/life balance. You may achieve comparable independence by following the Affiliate Millionaire program.

According to the official website, the following are some of the advantages of Affiliate Millionaire:

-Get out of the rat race and avoid working 9 to 5 shifts till you die.

-If you like, take the morning off and relax with a cup of coffee and some sunshine.

-See your children grow up and avoid missing their formative years and most significant milestones.

-Take care of your health and that of your family and loved ones.

-Have the flexibility to do anything you want, whenever you want.

Affiliate Millionaire also says that you can accomplish all of this while avoiding advertising accounts, organic outreach Facebook posts, blog articles, “fake it until you make it” social media promises, and scammy “free traffic loopholes” never really give you results. Overall, Affiliate Millionaire promises to be a useful book published by a non-guru. Instead of making false promises about generating a lot of money rapidly, delivering limitless free traffic to your site, and other perks, Affiliate Millionaire says that you can swiftly expand an affiliate marketing business to a seven-figure income by following a few simple steps.

What do you get in an Affiliate Millionaire Program?

In the bundle, you get a handful of valuable training essentials. It has all that you need to become an affiliate millionaire. Besides that, it is a one-step affiliate marketing solution.

By purchasing an Affiliate Millionaire Program, you get 7 modules of training and several bonuses that add value to your training. These bonuses will optimize your affiliate marketing to a level that will yield profitable outcomes.

Seven Training Modules of the Affiliate Millionaire Program

All seven modules are integral to the training. With these modules, you will comprehensively learn about affiliate marketing that will make you a fortune. These are well suited for both beginners and intermediate-level marketers. They will enable you to make your first million as an affiliate marketer.

The seven modules are listed below

  1. Researching – Selecting your hot proven offer.
  2. Making the right lander.
  3. “Funnel-tastic” plus Power Tracking
  4. Ad Targeting and Campaign set-up
  5. Creating the perfect ad copy and creatives
  6. Launching a Campaign
  7. Optimizing and Scaling

You will get the following bonuses in a pack.

  1. The $186k in 6 Weeks – Winning ad and landing page module

What about $186,000 in just 6 weeks? In this module, you’ll discover a specific campaign Thomas ran where he earned $186,000 in 6 weeks. You can see the winning advertisements and landing pages he used to earn this return.

  1. The Holy Grail – “A-List Offers” Playbook

This book saves you hundreds of hours of effort by pushing high-converting offers that payout larger commissions. It’s what Thomas and Andrew call their “secret little black book.” You can simply select the deal you wish to advertise. Thomas and Andrew hand-selected each deal in the book. They’ve even negotiated with certain companies to give Affiliate Millionaire members larger commissions.

  1. Saving your Facebook Accounts & getting them back

Have you ever been unable to access your Facebook advertising account? It’s happened to all of us. Andrew and Thomas show how to reclaim your Facebook advertising accounts in this extra session, utilizing a strategy that 99 percent of people have never heard of. In a video, Andrew and Thomas walk you through the three-step procedure.

  1. Exclusive Access to the Private Affiliate Millionaire Club

This is the best thing. You get to connect with the founders and network with other affiliate millionaires. After purchasing Affiliate Millionaire, you will have access to the secret Affiliate Millionaire group where you may ask Andrew and Thomas questions, discuss your success with other members, and ask questions of the Affiliate Millionaire Community.


On the official website, it is priced at $39, with a one-time payment. You will gain access to all the resources, and they will be available to download.

Final Verdict

The Affiliate Millionaire Program is completely worth it. In just $39, you get the ultimate value for money. The big thing is that it will leave you informed to the core.

Thomas claims he began his Clickbank empire in 2020 and grew it to over $1.493 million in 2021 alone, including multiple days when he made $30,000 to $50,000.

Today, Thomas wants to share the things he has learned through Affiliate Millionaire. Visit AffiliateMillionaire.com to discover more about Affiliate Millionaire or to purchase the program now.

Affiliate Millionaire costs $39 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit AffiliateMillionaire.com to discover more about or to purchase the program now. Affiliate Millionaire costs $39 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.