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Air fryer: Is It Beneficial for Health or Just a Hype?

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The demand for air fryers has surged in the recent past. If you compare deep-fried food with air-fried food, it is said that the latter is healthier as it reduces the amount of fat and calories in food and makes it healthier for you without compromising on taste. Considering this, an air fryer is certainly beneficial for health and it is not just hype. Continue reading to know more about air fryers and how they are beneficial for health. 


How Does Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer is a valuable kitchen appliance for making fried foods such as French fries, samosas, pakoras, fritters and more. The top section of this appliance has a heating mechanism and fan. You need to place the food to be fried in the air fryer basket and turn on the appliance. Hot air starts circulating around the food and makes it crispy and crunchy just like deep-fried snacks. Once cooked, you can get your hands on a healthier version of deep-fried food that gets cooked with just a fraction of the oil you would have to use for deep-frying. Therefore, air-fried food is considered a healthier substitute for deep-fried food, thanks to its lower fat and calories content.


Health Benefits

Nowadays, people are more health-conscious and at the same time, they don’t want to compromise on the taste of food. Here are the health benefits of using an air fryer. 


Low-Fat Cooking:

With an air fryer at home, you don’t have to use a lot of oil for preparing fried foods as is the case with deep-fried foods. You can fry frozen food as well with minimal usage of oil. Just brush a little oil on the surface of the food that is to be fried and place it in the air fryer basket. 

Within no time, you can get air-fried snacks that taste similar to deep-fried food. Since you use very little oil, the fat content is low and hence very healthy to eat. 


Retain the Nutrients:

The air fryer retains the nutrients of the food as it doesn’t add harmful fats to the food and doesn’t deconstruct the required nutrients. You may think deep-fried food is healthy for you, but the deep-frying process destroys the beneficial nutrients and good fats present in the food. So, get more nutrients through air-fried food for a healthy ‘you’.

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Balance Calories:

Fried foods are high in calories, which is responsible for weight gain and obesity. Obesity may lead to diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer, and sleep disorders. An air fryer can play an essential role in your weight loss journey. With a balanced intake of calories, you can stay away from obesity even while eating your favourite fried foods. 


Reduce the Risk of Heart Diseases:

Cooking food using an air fryer reduces the risk associated with heart diseases. It protects your body by absorbing the required nutrients. The air fryer needs only a few drops of oil for cooking, so you should stop worrying about the absorption of excessive fats. Reduced usage of oil protects your heart health.


Protect Your Kidneys: 

Eating excessive deep-fried food can damage the fat filtration ability of the kidneys. Hence, air fryer-cooked foods can lower the risks associated with kidney diseases. If you are a hardcore deep-fried food lover and it is difficult for you to quit such foods, then an air fryer can be a good option for having a healthy and oil-free diet.

From the above discussion, it is evident that air-fried food is a healthier option than deep-fried food.  So, it is indeed a smart move to switch to an air fryer from a deep fryer.