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Shopping is a passion for all, but it becomes a disease if it reaches an extreme level. Compulsive buying/shopping disorder is the medical term for such people. This blog is an insight into the technicalities … Read More

Shopping is a passion for all, but it becomes a disease if it reaches an extreme level. Compulsive buying/shopping disorder is the medical term for such people. This blog is an insight into the technicalities and concept of this type of order. You should give due attention to this to spot if you are also going through any such experience. Maybe someone else around you showing some relatable symptoms and may need help.

What is compulsive buying disorder?

Compulsive shopping disorder is an irresistible urge to shop with no consideration to the price of the products. This disorder results in stressful personal life and financial conditions.

Symptoms of compulsive shopping disorder

Several factors help to detect that someone is going through the disorder issue. The symptoms of people with this disorder are easy to notice because they are visible, very visible.

  • They shop during emotional distress or mood swings.

A big reason for compulsive disorder is emotional stress. It is the reason that people with this issue cannot resist shopping when they are sad. Shopping is the only tonic to control their distress. The moment they buy things, they feel relieved.

Forget about the big emotional issues, even a small mood swing makes them shop, and it isn’t easy to control them. They can listen to everything but cannot bear a ‘NO’ to their shopping. If you try to stop them, they act aggressively, and that aggression is extreme.

  • Taking loans for useless shopping

This habit is another dangerous symptom of compulsive shopping disorder. People suffering from this condition break all the stereotypes to obtain money to buy things when they feel the urge.

They borrow funds through short-term loans, especially those that are available on instant approval decision. The options like online loans in Ireland, no guarantor loans, personal loans etc., are their prime saviours.

In some severe cases, people even steal money from friends and family to buy things because they cannot control it. This situation can be called a serious issue, and after this, the worst-case scenario can be to kill someone to get money for shopping.

  • They mention defects in shopped products to buy more.

To justify their repeated shopping, such people always show dissatisfaction with the products they buy. They want to create a situation in which they can describe why a product is not very useful. The colour has faded, the size has squeezed after washing, and so on.

With the help of excuses, they make sure their second then third chance and then multiple chances to throw money to get something. It is important to notice such symptoms and take some action (not harsh) before anything gets worst.

The extreme situation of this condition is when the victim of this disorder stops giving reasons for a defect in the things. They right away confront and say that they want to do the shopping and nothing or no one can stop it.

How to control compulsive shopping disorder

After the symptoms, you need to know the preventive measures to apply control on this bad habit and stop the condition before it gets severe.

  • Take help of good habits to distract from shopping when stressed.

As stress is a big reason to shop for people with this disorder, it is best to first work on emotions. You do not get the results right away, but a promising way to start is there. Good, old habits can help make a real difference in the situation.

Bring out the painter in you, repair the old bike, paint the house, and create a masterpiece collage. These small but substantial efforts are sure to help a lot. Start this practice, initially there may be no change, but gradually it should help. May be one out of ten times, you avoid shopping due to a positive habit.

  • Stop paying from credit cards and pay by cash.

When we pay by cash, the money we lose on every shopping is visible. Credit cards, cheques etc., do not make us realise that we are spending money because it does not hurt much. While paying by cash, when you see the wallet is emptying gradually, it becomes easy to control the urge.

Shopping in cash gives clarity to the mind that they are making their loss through uncontrollable shopping. With everything, psychological factors work, and compulsive shopping disorder is already a mental situation. It needs to treated from there only.

  • Try window shopping with the least money in your wallet

An exciting method has worked successfully in many cases. With the ample money with you, the urge to shop gets intense. Your mind keeps telling you, ‘don’t worry, you have ample money, buy anything. This message is a tonic to the disorder and poison for your finances.

Window shopping can be relieving because there is no limit to what you see. Buying is subject to financial limitations but not window shopping. Do it as long as possible and stare at as many products as possible.

The above information relates to the modern world scenario because compulsive shopping is common in hectic modern life. Perhaps we all are somewhere prone to this situation. If we work on practical solutions in life, we can prevent them. In place of chasing materialistic desires, try to find out peace.

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