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All Information About drum Handling Equipment

drum handling

Drum handling equipments are drum lifters and drum tilers are the ideal material handling solution for lifting equipment where heavy drums need to be lifted, rotated, and their contents dumped or poured outside. Each drum lifter is perfectly ergonomically designed to provide the safest method of dumping or release of a drum’s contents, minimizing the risk of injury. If you are looking for drum handling you can search online websites like ukliftingstore.co.uk


There are numerous designs available in leading drum handling manufacturers to meet varying manufacturing requirements. They include -:

  • Boom, Vertical, and
  • Drum lifters suitable for lifting trucks,
  • Cranes, scoopers,
  • Excavators, cable ploughs and
  • Water trucks.


Drum lifters


It offers the best solution when lifting drums from one location to another. They are ideal for construction sites and road works. It is also a perfect choice for carrying materials to and from work sites. Available in different varieties, drum lifters and drum dumper are ideal for both routine and emergency operations.

drum handlingDrum lifters can be classified into two categories-:

  1. Boom and
  2. Vertical.

The boom lifters have a drum constructed vertically from two ladders that are extended to carry the drum. These are widely used on earthmoving equipment due to their flexibility and ease of operation. They can be fixed above the ground or at ground level. The vertical drum lifters or drum handlers have the drum raised to the height and then lowered and raised again to move it to a new location.

Drum lifters also come in two variants as boom and lateral tilers. The boom lifters are capable of lifting larger drums. They are ideal for lifting drums, but they cannot be operated by people not experienced in material handling. On the other hand, lateral tilters are used by trained personnel and are most suitable for handling smaller drums.


Tilt- To – Load Mechanism :


The tilting type is the most popular design and is typically operated with boom lifters. A drum lifter with a tilt-to-load mechanism allows the operator to raise or lower the drum up or down depending on whether the need arises. However, this type of lifter is not suitable for use with certain materials such as asbestos because it tilts at an angle. The tilt-to-load drum lifters have a manual crank mechanism that operates the gears and pulleys.


Hook drum handling equipment :


It has both boom and lateral drum lifters. They are ideal for handling long and wide drums. Longer drums may require support to avoid tipping over. Longer drums that need handling may be held between two hooks located on both ends.

Material Handling :


The most common material handling equipment used in material handling applications is the flatbed drum lifters. Flatbed drum lifters are designed to take tires and have both boom and lateral mechanisms. Longer drums, however, will require a crane to raise them due to the weight. Flatbed drum handling products are also suitable for use with soft metals and plastics to handle both hot and cold materials.


Fiberglass drum lifters :


Fibreglass drum lifters are used to transport glass or fiberboard, but they cannot handle aluminium and other alloyed materials. Professionals must install them because they are challenging to operate. These types of drum handling equipment are also suitable for various materials and applications, including concrete, bricks, timber, and dimensional lumber.

drum handlingHydraulic drum handling equipment :


It is usually used for heavy industrial equipment. Hydraulic drum rollers have a gearbox that contains the ball bearings and the piston. The gearbox is powered by a motor that runs through a series of gear drive belts. The belt carries the ball bearing and the piston. The hydraulic drum lifters are typically used for transporting materials vertically or long distances.


Many materials handling equipment, including boom lifts, hoists, drum handlers, material transport carts, hand pallet trucks, are powered by hydraulics. The boom lift uses boom arms that extend out, allowing the material to be loaded from the top. The hoist is used to pull the drum handler through the material handling area. The material handler moves the drum over the work area, making it possible to stack or move the drum without assistance. Pallet trucks are used to transport products horizontally.