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All You Need To Know About Agricultural Tyres

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Choosing tyres for any vehicle is a tedious process in itself. But when it comes to agricultural vehicles, it becomes even more difficult, as you need to consider the effects it will cause on the field and the productivity. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing tyres for your agricultural equipment.

​Ratios to Keep in Mind

Agricultural tyres need extra care in this case, as there are more important ratios than just the axle to be considered. One of the main things to check is the ratio between your front and back tyres. Usually, the rear wheels are about twice in diameter with respect to the front.

Finding the Right Dimensions

Be sure to check the dimensions of your tyres before purchasing them. A misfitted tyre can affect the balance of the vehicle, which results in quicker deterioration of the tyre. It is also not safe to use tyres that are not a perfect fit.

For this, you need to check the information and code given on the sides of your current tyre and try to decipher it. This is a vital step as it helps you find the ideal set of tyres.

Check Your Needs

The intensity and amount of work you put on your vehicle is a major factor to check while picking out your tyres. This includes the load you will be putting on your vehicle, the weight distribution, the duration for which the vehicle is to be used, etc.

Also, agricultural tyres, especially tractor tyres, are usually not meant for use on regular roads and transit. If that is something you are looking for in your tyres, ensure that you choose tyres that can match your expectations. Terry Elsey tyres are said to be the expert’s choice as they provide various customisations.

Balancing the Load

Improper loading on your agricultural vehicles and trailers can cause unfavourable changes like cracks on the inner surface of your tyres, the quality of your soil, the balance of the vehicle, and ultimately your safety.

Always keep in mind that your load should be balanced exactly in the centre. So, be careful to choose tyres that would help you achieve that balance to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Dual Tyres

In some cases, experts recommend doubling up your tyres on each wheel to increase overall productivity. This works by improving traction, especially with vehicles that are excessively heavy with multiple add-ons and equipment. Dual tyres are also easier on the soil than your regular set-up.

Quality and Pricing

As in most cases, tyres are commodities where you definitely get what you pay for. Agricultural tyres especially are seen to provide better results when they are suggested by experts using several automated engineering methods. A customised tyre that is optimised to perform with your vehicle is prone to give a better outcome.

However, it is not necessarily true that only high-end tyres are good. With proper handling, maintenance and care, Trelleborg Tractor Tyres have shown impressive performance in the long term, at a reasonable price point.

Don’t Try to Cut Corners

Buying your agricultural tyres requires you to be extremely choosy with the quality check. This includes the material used, the sturdiness, durability, etc. Never compromise on any of these while choosing your tyres.

Another thing to be kept in mind, always prefer a brand new set of tyres rather than used ones as they prove to be more efficient in the long run.


In all, one should act with extreme caution while picking out agricultural tyres because there are a lot of significant factors that rely on your tyres. Always keep in mind that there are professional tyre centres like Terry Elsey that can guide you through this process and help you find the perfect set of tyres you need.