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All You Need to Know About Alkaline Water System


Lately, the health and fitness market is buzzing with many new trends. From various healthy drinks to immunity-boosting supplements, there are so many new trends prevailing. 

And if you are closely following the health industry trends, you must have already heard about the alkaline water system. The water purification system can improve the pH level of water and offer numerous health benefits. It is even acclaimed that alkaline water can treat chronic diseases like cancer. 

So, if you want to know what all this hype about alkaline water is and if it is beneficial to install an alkaline water system in your home, keep on reading. 

What is Exactly Alkaline Water?

Alkaline is referred to as the pH level of the water. The pH level is something that checks the acidic or alkaline level in the substance between 0 to 14. For example, a substance having one pH level will be highly acidic, and something with 13 will be extremely alkaline. 

Here the alkaline water system ensures that the pH level of the water remains higher. Usually, regular tap water has a pH level of around seven. But when your alkaline water system processes your tap water, its pH level goes around 8 or 9. Alkaline water won’t offer many benefits with simply higher alkaline levels. It should also contain alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Therefore, to gain full benefits from alkaline water, you have to buy the best alkaline water system containing all the latest features that you can order from Phountain. 

Is Actually Alkaline Water Beneficial?

Right now, researchers and doctors have different opinions on alkaline water. Many doctors are in favor of alkaline water, and many are against it. So, it can confuse you whether to drink alkaline water or not. 

Let’s break the topic. Many studies have already shown the benefits of drinking water. For good health, at least 7 to 8 glasses of daily water consumption is important. However, there isn’t much scientific evidence available that you should drink only alkaline water. That’s mostly because the alkaline water concept is relatively new, and researchers are still in the initial stages. 

But, there are still some indirect studies available that showcase the beneficial nature of alkaline water. For example, a study was conducted in 2012, which showed that drinking naturally carbonated artesian-well alkaline water over a pH of 8.8 can neutralize pepsin. It is the main enzyme that causes acid reflux, so alkaline water can help in treating acidity.

There’s also another study available showing the impact of alkaline water in treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. However, all these studies are in the initial state, and more research is required to find more scientific benefits of alkaline water. 

Despite the limited scientific evidence, alkaline water is prospected to offer the following health benefits:

  • It contains anti-aging properties that can treat all signs of early aging. 
  • Alkaline water can boost your immune system. 
  • It is loaded with detoxifying and hydration properties that are good for healthy skin. 
  • Drinking alkaline water daily can help in shedding your extra belly fat. 
  • It is also expected that alkaline water can resist chronic diseases like cancer. 

Where to Get Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is still a topic of study, but all the initial researchers are in favor of it. Therefore, you can start drinking alkaline water to boost your immunity, reduce your weight and gain many other benefits. 

Today, you can easily order alkaline water online or buy from your local grocery stores. However, it can be a bit expensive to buy bottled alkaline water for daily consumption. Therefore, you should order an alkaline water system from Phountain and get an unlimited alkaline water supply for your entire family.