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All You Need To Know About Buying Tyres

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What is the right time to change the tyres? This is a question we all struggle to find an apt answer to. This blog has been written to help you get rid of this confusion.

  • Visual inspection: An easy visual inspection of your Tyres Kirkby Green can help determine if they are still roadworthy or not. If they are old or worn out, then you will have to replace them.
  • Time: The tread on the tyre reduces over time, and they require replacements. Replace tyres every 4 to 5 years even if you think the tyres are in working condition.
  • Braking: Delayed braking is an early sign of tread wear. Replacing the tyres is necessary to ensure optimal braking performance and acceleration.
  • Sidewall damage: Major damage on the sidewalls can significantly impact the structural integrity of the tyre. In such situations, replacing the tyre is recommended rather than repairing it.

What Leads To Premature Tread Wear?

  • Driving Style: The driving method of a car owner affects the condition of the tyres in a vehicle. Pressing sudden brakes or suddenly accelerating results in the premature wear off of the tread. Also, the road conditions lead to the early damage of new tyres. Opting for tyre replacement in a couple of years is the best alternative if driving rash. Moreover, if you drive carefully, then the tyres will last much longer than that.
  • Alignment: Driving with incorrect alignment leads to uneven wear on only one side of the tyres in a car.
  • Tyre pressure: The air pressure inside the tyre plays a major role in providing a safe and comfortable drive. Under-inflation, as well as over-inflation of a tyre, can promote early wear.

How To Keep Your Tyres In A Good Condition?

Alignment: Proper wheel alignment ensures tyre longevity and delivers a safe drive with improved fuel efficiency.

Season: Always use the right tyre according to the season. Summer tyres are not meant for the winter season, and winter tyres can’t be used in the summers.

DIY: Try not to use DIY kits in case of a punctured tyre. Fixes by DIY kits are not dependable and can decrease the structural integrity of the tyre.

Parked: Don’t turn the car tyres when your vehicle is parked. This will increase tread wear and reduce performance.

Types of Tyres To Buy

  • Summer Tyres: Designed to deliver better performance, safety and mileage in temperatures above 7°C.
  • Winter Tyres: Designed to deliver better grip and traction in temperatures below 7°C.
  • All-season These tyres will deliver reliable performance throughout the year on moderate road conditions without compromising your safety.
  • Performance Tyres: Designed for sports cars, performance tyres offer superior handling, braking and cornering performance.
  • 4×4 tyres: If you own an SUV, the 4×4 tyres are the perfect choice for you to get the best comfort and traction.
  • Run-flat Tyres: These tyres are for car owners looking for extra on-road safety. These tyres will continue to perform with a puncture for 50 miles at 50 mph.

What to check while Buying Tyres?

Tyre labelling

  • Noise: Noise indicates the level of sound generated from the tyre when driving your vehicle. This is important to check to get a comfortable and quiet drive.
  • Rolling resistance: This indicates the tyre’s ability to manoeuvre over any road or surface.
  • Wet grip: Wet grip is one of the most important criteria to check while buying a tyre. It determines the tyre’s ability to brake on wet roads.

Tyre Markings

The tyre markings are codes on the sidewalls of a tyre that displays important information about the unit. These markings are necessary to inspect while buying new tyres to ensure you get the best fit for your wheels.

For example, in a tyre with markings 205 75 R20 95 V

  • 205 = Width
  • 75 = Aspect ratio
  • R = Construction
  • 20 = Diameter
  • 95 = Load index
  • W = Speed index

Extra markings on the sidewall include M+S, Dot code and place of manufacture.

Contact a professional technician if you want to know more about Tyres Timberland or have any doubts.