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All you need to know about Global International Indian School


Arranged in Al Meydan Road, Dubai is Global International Indian School. GIIS is known as the best global school in Dubai offering co-training and prevailing upon 90+ National and International honors for its Educational Excellence. 

The GIIS grounds give it anything but an International instruction and offices. The grounds extend more than 2, 25,000 sq. ft. counting open homerooms, enormous outside regions for extracurricular exercises, clubs, and etcetera. The grounds likewise reach out to incorporate Libraries, pools, rec centers, craftsmanship and melodic theater. 

GIIS’s main goal is to sustain their understudies into autonomous and effective people by incorporating their guiding principle, feeling of business venture, finding their type of inventiveness and generally advancement. Talking about their basic beliefs, GIIS mentors its understudies on Managing with Information and Metrics; Adaptability and Agility; Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Practices; Attitude before Knowledge; Major distinction that appropriate Mentoring and Coaching can make; Teamwork; and finally, the legitimate Ambience for Learning. 

Identical to their offices, GIIS additionally gives its understudies double educational plans and esteemed grant programs. The educational plan comprises The Montessori Method of learning for their pre-essential understudies, which is known as the GMP Plus Program and their CBSE educational program for Grades 1 to 12. 

Global International Indian School Curriculum 

GPM Plus: This program incorporates Dr. Maria Montessori’s showing initially began as a method of showing kids with unique necessities. Wherein, the kids are given the opportunity to pick and advance in the field they like and at their own speed which thus assists the kid with fostering it’s preferences, disdains, and make a feeling of Independence. 

GIIS’s Kindergarten is outstanding amongst other international schools in Dubai for pre-essential understudies. The Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP Plus) offers a consistent change to the future classes and welcomes kids from the age of 3 years old to 5 years old. 

As opposed to the conventional format of a homeroom, a cutting edge Montessori study hall has a more liberated design and understudies of various ages learn with the assistance of different devices. 

GMP Plus upholds the 5 Pillars, ‘Excelerate’ program; Multi-Faceted Learning, iPlay Program, iCare Program and Future Ready Program; these 5 Pillars show extraordinary abilities, physical and mental development and broad qualities. 

CBSE: Dubai is a famous place for a different scope of schools giving the CBSE educational program. CBSE educational program is an astounding base for Primary, Secondary and High School understudies. The educational plan permits understudies to pick their field of revenue, offering a helpful learning climate and great training. 

GIIS being outstanding amongst other international schools in Dubai offers it’s anything but an advanced office and an honor winning, very much organized all encompassing instructing program. 

The 9GEMS comprehensive showing educational plan develops unprecedented abilities and devours morals and qualities like graciousness, collaboration, love and sympathy. Not exclusively does this 9GEMS show scholastic mastering through ability and request based projects yet in addition fuses an active learning experience. The educational plan is even with extra-curricular/co-curricular exercises and sports for the balanced advancement of their understudies. 

IB Diploma Program: GIIS puts stock in staying up with the latest with present day training strategies and consolidating new recognized projects which help in the general advancement of their understudies. Also, at GIIS, they offer internationally perceived recognition, for example the IB Diploma Program. Also, hands down the best international schools in Dubai offer this Diploma Program, GIIS being one of them. 

GIIS’s IB Diploma Program is a two-year program that is submitted for understudies old enough 16 to 19 years of age. The recognition educational plan offers 6 gatherings of subjects from which the understudy picks something like one from each gathering of study and 4 Diploma Program fundamental beliefs that involve: Theory of Knowledge; Extended Essay; Creativity, Action and Service – CAS; DP Core at GIIS. 

With cutting edge offices containing hello there tech studios, advanced homerooms, refined learning normal rooms and understudy development rooms, GIIS Dubai Campus arises as an admirable IB School in Dubai. 

Global Indian International School Fees and Faculty. 

Workforce: GIIS makes a point to handpick the instructors and staff that have an affection for educating and fit their capability prerequisites. For instance, GMP Plus showing staff are capable of showing the Montessori Method explicitly. All things considered, GIIS picks their instructors for their scholarly capabilities or experience as well as to direct how their understudies relate and foster generally speaking inside their consideration. 

Expenses: As GIIS gives various projects, clubs and exercises, the charge for 3 semesters relies upon which one you pick. 

The Global Indian International school expenses structure involves: 

GMP: The GMP Program Fees are segmented into 3 terms with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Fee just as other required charges for regalia, books, application, and etcetera. For Pre School, The yearly Fee is AED 15,000; KG1, AED 15,500; KG2, AED 16,500. 

CBSE: The CBSE Curriculum offers a scope of advantages for their understudies directly from Grade1 and its charge structure from Grade1 to Grade10 goes from AED 18,000 to AED 24,000. 

Alongside this, GIIS additionally gives an expense design to their transportation administrations as per which zone you fall under. 

To wrap up, Global International Indian School is outstanding amongst other international schools in Dubai for quality and balanced instruction for your kid.


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