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All you need to know about International Schools of Kuala Lumpur and their fees


The deeply rich  heritage and constant development  in the evergreen city of Kuala Lumpur has made it a centre for education in Malaysia. Malaysia has been a hub for an influx of global students . It is deemed as one  of the centres of the world when it comes to Education. Schools here no doubt are some of the best ,  exhibiting state of the art campuses and curriculums to truly help the students develop  . The best part being that they are quite affordable and offer a variety of curriculums for you to choose from. This is so your child may undergo his school life under the best and most compatible system of education. 

The system of education and educating has drastically changed over the last decade. When talking about International schools of  Kuala Lumpur fees, out of the various institutions present, there are some which offer a high quality education. The fees structure here is quite affordable as compared to international schools in other countries. 

When parents put in their enquiry for school admissions specially in an International School in Kuala Lumpur , more often than not they are taken aback by the affordable price. The city of Kuala Lumpur sees over 100 nationalities pour into the country to receive an education. International schools in  particular see tonnes of students pour in, from within and outside the country, European and African countries being some of  them.

The geographical location of the schooling institutions in Kuala Lumpur more often than not gives its students the chance to expand their mind and imbibe a different kind of education. knowledge of the land they live in and the various cultures they live amongst. This city’s international schools allow students to discover a more spiritual side of themselves while honing their academic and physical skills. The city is now  a landmark when we talk about the education system in Malaysia. It is safe to say that the city of Kuala Lumpur is well on its way to giving birth to some of the brightest minds this world will come to know of .

International Schools in Kuala Lumpur comprise institutes  that offer not only a  top class tertiary education but an equally high standard quality secondary (high school) curriculum  . The extremely affordable prices are quite captivating while the  environment the child grows up in is one of learning and understanding. International institutions in Kuala Lumpur  help mould children in order for them to endure the rest of school life in the most acceptable way possible.

Kuala Lumpur offers some of the best Kindergarten schools. One must develop a  broad comprehension of the world during the time he is being educated. To be comprehensive, is a must when receiving an international education. International schools in Kuala Lumpur like GIIS offer platforms in terms that will see their students being propelled into good  colleges. There are many schools like this with many tie-ups.. With a very high understanding of educational requirements in the 21st century, it is more than evident that International schools will continue to expand in this city.

Here are 4 International schools in Kuala Lumpur that will peak your interest.

In the city of Kuala Lumpur, there are expats as well as local students who fill the institutions. In fact, the demand for both types of students have been made evident  by schooling institutions. The cap the government had put on local students cutting off the limit of locals that a schooling institution can have at 40% was removed in the year 2010. This has been a major shift in government policy and with great impact affected  the demographic of  schools in Kuala Lumpur . Now, 50 % of the students in every school are Malaysian.


The education they provide along with the excellent environment and state of the art facilities ensures your child is set on the path of excellence. Their commitment to teach students through the newest and most advanced methods is what gives birth to a continuous want to learn  in these pupils..Founded in the year 2002, this school is considered an international school in Kuala Lumpur.


The Garden International School founded in 1951 is now known and has the honour of calling itself one of the most distinguished and acknowledged schools in Kuala Lumpur. It is owned by the group known as Taylors schools and has had students over the years show consistent results of success. Owing to its success rate this school has become a stepping stone  to some of the best universities in the world.


Established in 1965 this school is a private school . The school is governed by parents who also serve as faculty members. In August of  2018 the school launched  its new 27 acre mega-campus. It is good to know that this institution is non-profit.