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Alstroemeria Flower For Your Home and Garden


Alstroemeria flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers you can have in your garden. They are lively and exist in many colors. The petals are partially covered with wax. Thus, they have a longer vase life than most flower species. 

Florists create several flower bouquets with alstroemeria. This flower which is also known as Peruvian lily, goes well with other flower species. You can use them as the central flower, filler flowers, or decorative flowers. 

Peruvian lilies grow in relatively any place. Therefore, your zone does not restrict you from having alstroemeria in the garden. Thus, you need to know a few tips to plant and care for your plant. Keep tuned. 

How to Plant Alstroemeria

There are two ways you can use to plant alstroemeria. First, you can start from the seed, although it’s a complicated process. 

First, you need to soak your seeds overnight. Then, start the planting process in a seed starting tray. It ensures you transfer the only seeds that manage to shoot. The seedlings will get six in six to eight weeks. After that, you can transplant the seedlings to your garden or a container. 

Ensure that the seedlings are at least 12 inches apart if you are planting them in a garden or a raised bed. Mulch the seedlings and ensure you water them enough times a day. The seedlings will take a long time to flower. Thus, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the flowers in summer, you should start planting them early in spring. 

Some people opt to plant the root tuber. They see it as the easier option. However, the root tubers are delicate. They can be attached to fungi easily, especially when they are out of the soil. Then, you need to plant the root tuber in fertile, well-drained soil. 

The only easy and sure way to grow alstroemeria is to get the seedlings from a local nursery. They are sold in containers. You can transfer them to your garden or raised bed. Ensure you plant them 12-24 inches apart. 

Alstroemeria doesn’t bloom when the soil is hot. Thus, if you live inland and in a hot climate, you will need to select an area with partial sun. On the other hand, the plants will do well in full sun if you live along the coast. Use large planters if you want to have your flowers in a container. 

How to Care for Alstroemeria Plant

Besides the trick in planting, it’s easy to grow alstroemeria plants. You can have your flowers start blooming in late spring if you take good care of them. The flowers will bloom up to late summer. To maintain flower production, you’ll need to water the plants regularly. The plants need more water when the weather is hotter. 

Alstroemeria gets dormant several times in the growing cycle. When it gets dormant, you should reduce watering cycles and let the plant rest. Add a thick layer of mulch during winter to prevent the soil from freezing. 

Alstroemeria has minimal pet attacks. However, slugs and snails can cause a menace. You can keep them away from your plant by running copper tape around the garden or container edges. 

Using Alstroemeria as a Cut Flower

Alstroemeria flowers are great cut flowers. You can use them in bouquets or vases for home decor; They have a long vase life as well as an extensive color palette. They have a sturdy stem- they don’t break easily. The petals are either flecked or striated. Their foliage complements the colorful petals. 

Types of Alstroemeria

There are many types of alstroemeria flowers. However, we’ll give a few examples that may interest you. 

Inca Ice

This variety grows in apricot yellow or apricot. They have streaks of burgundy on the inside; They have slender leaves and are useful as border plants in any garden. If you get problems with plants in winter, then Inca ice should be your solution. All it needs is enough mulching.


They are among the most common pink alstroemeria. They have pink candy petals and grow to a height of three feet; They are sturdy and suitable for armature growers. 


This type blooms as gold-apricot petals. They also have bold red mahogany freckles; They have dark green leaves and grow with dense branches. They grow to a height of 32 inches. 


This variety is classified as a white alstroemeria flower. But it has pink and white accents. They grow up to 28 inches and are ideal for small gardens and planters. 


You can get alstroemeria flowers of any variety you like. There are more than a hundred varieties. You can select any that pleases your eyes. Remember, alstroemeria makes gorgeous flower bouquets.