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An overview about SMS marketing

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Quiet often you might hear a beep on your mobile phones. An obvious reaction is to check who sent you the message. The bulk SMS might be from a family or friend and sometimes it might turn out to be a business message. Now is the text going to annoy you or are you in favour of the same.  The reaction would be dependent upon the business friend who went on to follow the practices. In fact there would be right or wrong ways to indulge in SMS marketing.

The benefits arising from SMS marketing

Some marketers are of the view that SMS marketing is long dead as they prefer email marketing so as to get in touch with their customers. But trust me there are a series of benefits with SMS marketing that would be really difficult to beat.

Fast delivery

The concept of mobile marketing is lighting fast. Once you dish out a mobile message it is delivered instantly. For all these reasons it is possible to send out time sensitive messages like flash sales or event centric promotions. An example is that you can sent out a message on cyber Monday to enhance the sales. The moment you dish out messages it would be delivered to hundreds of users at the same time. In addition people always carry their mobile phones with them, so they are going to see them as soon as it is delivered. An interesting piece of statistics is 90 % of the messages are read within 3 seconds.

Open rates on the higher end

Once you receive an email message you need to tap on the inbox. It would also point to scanning of the various messages in the inbox. With numerous social media notifications and emails there is a strong possibility that you might end up ignoring them. But with SMS marketing a customer would be notified of a message as soon as it reaches them. Since people end up getting notifications from their friends being ignored is the last thing that is bound to happen.

In addition SMS marketing is a personal form of marketing, and is quite apart from the other type of notifications. The best part is that it has a higher open rate than other form of marketing channels. Now compare it to email marketing it has an open rate of only 20%, If the open rate is good it has a telling impact on the success of your marketing campaign. On the other hand if you have not gone on open the messages it might showcase a simple waste of time.

To conclude just because you have the personal contact number of a customer you should not start sending messages. The need of the hour is to opt for SMS marketing tools and it is going to allow in automating your SMS campaign. An example is when a customer makes a purchase you can sent them delivery updates. With the use of such a software you can track the results.