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Appropriate machine tool helps increase Customer roster and Expand Business


Trimurti Concepts, a family-owned machine shop in the Seattle area, USA, installed a 5-axis Grob G350 machine a little over a year ago. The machine tool has gained an important role in the company’s equipment park, comprising machines for machining, welding and 3D printing. It also became an aid tool to leverage the company’s business.

With decades of experience as an open-wheel racing car workshop, in which the wheels are placed outside the main body of the vehicle, the company had expanded its operations to produce prototypes of structural parts for large companies in the aerospace sector in 2017. This type work requires precise and rigid machining.

After converting the racing car shop into a factory, demand for prototype parts production work and long-term contracts began to increase. Although the company performs jobs based on 3D printing and welding equipment, most of the demand is based on machining. The company has grown rapidly since the race car era. Starting with a vertical milling machine, Trimurti Concepts added a small 5-axis machine, but by the end of 2019 they found that even it couldn’t keep up with demand. That’s when they looked for a bigger, more powerful and more accurate 5-axis machine.

Stuart, co-owner of Trimurti Concepts, experience in open-wheel car racing helped in his search for the right equipment. “As a professional rider, I want to have the best equipment on the track so that I have the best chance of winning. The same mentality applies to my workshop: I want the best chance of success, which requires high-quality machining equipment”, he says. So Trimurti Concepts decided to acquire one of Grob’s most versatile and high-quality universal machining centers, figuring it could set them apart from their competitors. After examining all the options, they decided that the G350 universal machine had the best design and layout for their needs. Here are some tips for forklift

The spindle’s horizontal orientation and the ability to turn the table upside down are great for chip evacuation, and the fact that the spindle can be pulled completely out of the working area means we can use the entire working envelope for to machine larger, more complex parts.

Installed in February 2020, the Trimurti Concepts team uses the machine to machine aerospace parts, from ground support equipment to rocket engine parts. The equipment also includes a pallet changer, which has increased production speed and expanded its working capacity, allowing operators to load the machine at multiple stations and automate production.

“We were able to get more quotes and do jobs that are more complicated, that use stronger materials and have complex geometry,”. “We don’t have to run away from a complex job for fear of not having the resources to complete it. The Grob G350 is helping our factory deliver.