Home Business Are Amazon Seller Badges effective?

Are Amazon Seller Badges effective?

Are Amazon Seller Badges effective?

Did you ever see some unique and colorful badges on Amazon and did you ever think what they are? Are they effective for Amazon sellers or they are only colorful badges, if you have these questions roaming in your mind then you are in the right place because today we tell you all the things you need to about these badges and are they effective for you if you are amazon seller?

What are Amazon Badges?

Amazon badges usually consist of different symbols, signs, text, colors, etc. They tell the customers about the quality of your products, your discounts, and offers, your trending products, etc. They usually depend upon the reviews of your previous customers, your products engagements, and their prices.

How to earn badges on Amazon:

Each amazon badge has its requirements which you have to achieve to get it like the Amazon Best Seller Badge given to those products which are on trending and it is updated about every hour. Similarly, Amazon’s Choice Badge is another one given to those products who are trending but this badge has more effectiveness than the Amazon Best Seller Badge as it has a higher rank than it. There are also many other badges like Amazon New Release Badge, Coupon Badges, Deals Badges, etc. Amazon New Release Badge given to the new amazon sellers who have recently started selling on Amazon and it remains for 90 days only it tells the customers that you are new in this marketplace. For Coupon Badge you have to pay amazon each time when you will create this badge on one of your products. With it, you can create Coupon Badge, Save Price Badge, Extra Savings Badge, etc. Like these Deals, Badge can be used to inform the customers about your limited-time offers. These badges consist of Deal of the Day and Limited Time Deal badges, however, the Deal of the Day Badge is given by Amazon to those items who have the most visit in that day, and Limited Time Deal Badge is created by the top sellers by their own as it is only available for them. There are many other amazon badges too but the most popular are only all of these which we have discussed.

Are Amazon badges effective or not?

The answer to this question is yes they are very effective for all the Amazon sellers however they are a new or top seller. They are an important and very beneficial tool to engage with customers and increase your sale. They are not only used by new sellers but also by top sellers as they seem to be very effective to reach a large number of customers and make your name on the world’s largest marketplace. Here you can read more about Amazon FBA 2021.


The Amazon badges are a great tool to engage with customers and increase your sale, however, some badges are difficult to get and some requires fees to get but there are free and easily achievable badges too. All the Amazon sellers use them to reach a large number of customers. They are very attractive to the customers on Amazon because they tell them about the seller and product in an effective way.