Are Mobile Applications Indispensable for Online Businesses?

Are mobile applications indispensable? It appears so, because of the number of mobile users increasing in bewildering proportions and people resorting to ordering household items like spices or a pair of socks from online shops. … Read More

Are mobile applications indispensable? It appears so, because of the number of mobile users increasing in bewildering proportions and people resorting to ordering household items like spices or a pair of socks from online shops. Earlier it used to be coveted items like an elaborately tailored woman’s dress or a costly household appliance that people used order online. High costs of these items from local stores have driven them to shop from big time online suppliers but the scenario has drastically changed as people are actively seen ordering items that can be easily bought from a local store. There is a tidal shift in the way people shop their products now and online shopping has become the first choice for many urban and semi-urban consumers. This being the scene you just cannot sit around and wait for people to shop from your website and must ready yourself to meet the mobile application charge by inventing one for your online business. Hire the best mobile app development company in India and ask them to design a mob app of your own business and upload it in to the play store.

Advantages of using mob application for shopping by customers

Faster way of ordering products
A mob app is 1.5 times faster than a website and multiple times faster than going to a conventional shop when you want to place order for a products. Mobile app is convenient because people love their mobile phones and they carry it around wherever they go. They can place orders at anytime and from anywhere. They take split second time to decide on a product and order them immediately after checking the price, details, delivery mode etc using their smartphone.

Work both online and off-line
You usually go to shopping sites via browser like Chrome, Mozilla or IE, but with a mob app on in your mobile phone or available free at play store, you don’t need these browsers. You can straightaway land at a business site through the mob app and start selecting products even if it is off-line, which later will be processed when you have the internet connection or online. This is greatly convenient which is not featured in a conventional website, as browser won’t open without internet connection.

Effective customer interaction
A mob app for business allows owners to have direct interaction with customers. They can present them with modified content according to their shopping preference. When you have a mob app you can offer discounts directly to customers anytime and when the customer reach for his/her mobile phone the offer will spring up on them first, thus giving exposure to your business products and offers. This kind of facility is neither available in your conventional shops or website.

Personalized content
Customers like personalized content as it caters to their preferences. it is like tailoring their needs in to a language that they understand easily. The mob app by providing them with user-centric content and information make the shopping experience delightful for them. The personalization can be coined on user behavior, interest, location, background etc. The best mobile app development company in India will use this information and accordingly tailor the personal content so customers lap it up gleefully. This kind of interaction usually develops in to a meaningful and long lasting bond between shoppers and the store owners.

Reduces marketing costs
Mob app owners can reduce their marketing costs because they will be able to reach their target audience via mob app, which is already developed and functioning. Your mob app will increase conversation with customers, employees and vendors by using the same resource as you can receive orders, train employees, communicating with vendors and all using the same app. This will obviously increase productivity by 30-40 while reducing marketing costs that you would spend for approaching your website clients and others. Your mobile app for business is your marketing tool which is a multi-faceted marketing apparatus capable of performing several marketing communications. This way you will stop wasting money on other marketing tools that you may have to hire from third parties.

Builds brand faster than other mediums
Mob app is able to get more publicity to your brand than any other medium. Having a mob application for your business automatically qualifies your business for a recognized brand. Only big and well established business corporations used to have their own mob app bearing their logo or brand name. But with the advantage of developing your own mobile app by the best mobile app development company in India you stand at par with those companies and declare yourself as a brand.

In conclusion, customers are now spending more time looking at mob applications than websites so you should be there where future is. More people will be watching mobile application for shopping so get an app developed for your online business now.

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