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Are Residential Solar Panels In Melbourne Worth The Cost & Effort?


Melbourne has the advantage of sunlight more than half of the year, yet we have been paying thousands in electricity bills for decades. As they all say, ‘Money saved is money earned.’ same goes here; if you consider the same, actually this is an earning opportunity. That being said, there are a lot of advantages when it comes to getting solar Installed in Melbourne.

Moreover, the government is providing assistance to get it installed. Its a step towards self-sufficiency and sustainable growth, which is the fundamental motivation behind the government promoting solar panels installations. There are five reasons listed below that will make you consider installing the panels for yourself;

Government Assistance

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The government is providing assistance and subsidies under the Victorian solar rebate program where you can benefit if you are thinking about solar installation in Melbourne. Aso, you can check for feed on tariff on the energy that is produced and not consumed. It can literally earn you some passive money.

Zero Interest Loans

The government is offering zero-interest loans to first-time buyers of residential solar panels in Melbourne. This solves your funding issue and the payback plan is of four years that gives you enough time to get things in order while the installed panel helps you by contributing a bit of saving into the repayment fund. This can virtually make it cost-free over the long term like any other business asset by earning more than its initial cost. 

Save On Electricity Bills

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The panels installed in your house are actually generating energy for you and for your consumption. You can also give back the access energy produced to the electricity provider and earn tariff on the same. Even if you don’t have enough space in your house to produce access energy, the least it would cut your energy expenses by a significant amount.

Add To The Market Value Of Your House

This helps you while you live in the house and also while you are looking to sell your house. The market value of your house increases instantly and makes it more attractive to the buyers out there. Since the installed panels would help them save energy as well.


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Over and above the benefits it offers to you personally, it is environment friendly. By installing the panels, you would be giving back to the community in the form of conservation of non-renewable sources of energy and using a green source of energy for your needs. 

At the end of this brief discussion above, it is quite evident that if you have a lit bit of cash to spare, this is the perfect investment and for all the right reasons. In addition to that loans available makes way for cash if you are not willing to part from a large sum at once, you can get it for installments. There are many providers for residential solar panels in Melbourne who can get the job done for you at a very affordable rate.