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Are There Actually Advantages For Shipping Container Offices?

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In a word, yes. Many companies have discovered the convenience, affordability and advantages offered by shipping container offices. At first glance shipping container offices might seem like some sort of eco-friendly building fad, but there are many reasons they are growing in popularity, not to mention credibility. Here we look at the true advantages of opting for shipping container modifications to create the ideal office.

Moveable Office

This is not a must for every business, but if you are in the construction business, this is an undeniable plus. Shipping container office conversions have all the things you need to remain functional and organized with the added benefit of being easily moved from site to site. This saves money as you own the office outright, and don’t have to worry about costly trailer purchases or rentals.

Green Office Choice

There are many benefits to becoming an environmentally conscious company. It helps set you apart while improving your sense of social responsibility. Recycling old shipping container rentals is not just eco-friendly because of the repurposing aspect, however. They create a smaller footprint to help maintain more green space, while also reducing your energy waste.

More Spacious Then You Think

While a shipping container might seem way too small to accommodate an office, they come in various sizes ranging up to 320 sq feet. You can fit two workstations on average per container. This is ideal for things such as construction sites container offices, home offices, startups, local branch offices, car rental companies, travel agencies, insurance offices and more.

Scalable Office Solution

Today’s startups need scalable solutions that will grow along with their business. You can start with a single container and then add additional containers easily as your business expands. If you want to keep your footprint the same on a smaller lot, no problem. Containers are safely stackable!

Temporary Office Option

As mentioned, because container offices are transportable, they make the ideal solution for temporary office spaces. This works well for renovations, travelling services such as medical clinics, recruitment offices, new building showrooms, warehouse management, event site management, security offices, and more.

Completely Customizable

Shipping container modifications can be customized to suit your needs. You can make architectural changes such as adding expansive windows to let in more light or adding a roof deck for staff to enjoy their break time. Walls can be installed to create separate offices, open concept spaces can be designed, and you can also install specialty lighting or technology. The interiors can be decorated to suit your needs whether you want an office that is all about bare-bones function or you want to help create a certain ambience to reflect your brand.

Cool Factor

There is no denying that many brands could really benefit from the cool factor of storage container offices. They have an edgy design that is very modular, while also offering textural detailing with their distinct steel exterior walls.

As you can see, there really are many advantages to shipping container offices. With your own shipping container modifications, you can create a completely scalable customized office that can move where your business takes you.