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Are You New To The World Of SEO? Here’s How You Get A SEO-Friendly Domain!

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services

A domain can get SEO-friendly based on some factors. The first one is the correct domain name. The name should be able to convince people about the products or services offered by a company. Thus, the company could reach more audiences.

In this era of digitalization, several companies are appointing a Digital Marketing Company to expand their business territory and make business SEO-friendly. Some certain aspects are there that enhance this process thoroughly.

Factors that can boost SEO

Two factors are there, which can create a positive impact upon the SEO.

i. Branding
ii. Keywords

i. Branding

The name of the domain should be the same as the brand name. It will let the audience get a clear concept of what the brand stands for. Here it should be kept in mind that the domain name would benefit the brand under certain circumstances.

  • If the name of the brand contains the name of its owner
  • If the brand is unique in some way or the other
  • If the promotion and awareness of the brand have already started
  • If the name of the brand is established and has become popular
  • If the website needs to rank higher for the name of its brand

ii. Keywords

If the name of the domain is chosen after the keywords concerning the business, it may also help in enhancing the Search Engine Optimization. However, there is one thing that should be considered in this case. The domains containing keywords in their names never get any preference over the brand-named domains.

Types of different domains

There are four types of domains:

1. Branding domains:

Domains with brand names offer the business owners the opportunities to draw on a blank slate freely. No specification of the services or products provided sets the definition of the website on search engines.

2. Local domains:

This kind of domain name helps companies or businesses to reach the audiences of a specific local area. It allows the search engines to know that the industry is based on that particular area.

3. Service domains:

Domain names containing the services or products offered by a company or a business make people quickly aware of what the website is up to. They also get to know what kind of services or products they can look for from that company.

4. Local & service domains:

The domain names that convey something about the locality of and services offered by a company or a business let the search engines describe the location and product or services in a more particular sense.


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