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Are you ready to work in Canada?


Are you ready to work in Canada?

Discover the jobs, salaries and differentials for those who want to apply for a job in the country.

Working abroad is the dream of many Indians. Good salaries, great working conditions, the opportunity to work in your area of ​​expertise and quality of life are some of the many factors that can encourage you to try this endeavor.

Canada is a country that has an urgent need for professionals. In 2018, Statistics Canada presented a report that says 430,000 job openings were available in the country and were not filled! For this reason, the country aims to increase annual immigration levels to 340,000 by this year. The good news is that by the end of this page, you’ll be one step closer to being part of this great stat

According to Magzine, “Mastering the English or French language is the greatest challenge for candidates (writing, speaking and reading) to get a job. For those who are fluent in the language, the first step in gaining job opportunities is to check if the profession is regulated in the country.
Some areas of practice require a professional license in the country. This is the case of doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, nurses, pharmacists, electricians, architects, among others.
If you need to take a leave of absence, it is necessary to take exams that require a few hours of additional training. On the Working In Canada website you can find details of the training requirements.”

The areas with the most jobs:

The areas of construction, finance, human resources, communication, engineering, architecture, transport, marketing, healthcare, public administration, information technology, arts, agriculture are the most promising in Canada.

But the region of the country has an influence on the demand for professionals. In the province of Quebec, for example, the areas of technology, machining and nursing have more jobs and the government of Quebec frequently conducts recruitment missions in other countries, including India, to attract professionals. For this region, the great challenge is mastering the French language, the main language spoken in the province.

The immigration system is also different for those who want to settle in Quebec and does not follow the same rules as the federal process. For more specific information about immigration to the French-speaking region.

Average salary in Canada:

General worker | Average salary: payment is made by the hour and varies from CAD 15.90 and CAD 18.39.

This is the most in-demand job opening to work in Canada, according to Randstad. Functions can range from handling pastry dough on a production line to moving loads in large warehouses, according to Carolyn Levy, from Randstad Canada.

Sales Representative | Average Salary: These are generally permanent jobs that pay between CAD 52,000 and CAD 62,000 per year for junior level positions.

Unsurprisingly, this is the second most wanted job in the country. After all, every business needs to sell something, right? And with the economy doing well to work in Canada, corporations need qualified people to do this job. Forklift is another demanding job in Canada

Remembering that there are differences between Sales :

Representative and Sales Associate. For this second case, the average salary in Canada is around CAD 12 per hour. For full-time workers the value can range from CAD 20,000 to CAD 35,000 or more per year.

Accountant | Average salary: Pay varies between CAD 63,000 and CAD 75,000 for the mid-level position, which are the most in demand at the moment.

All businesses need people who can manage their finances and do taxes, for example. But the scramble to hire accountants also reflects the renewed health of the financial sector, Levy said.

Another highlight is that, with the evolution of technology, the trend is for the finance area in Canada to grow prominently. The ability to analyze big data is quickly becoming a primary responsibility in the daily lives of these professionals. Therefore, they are expected to be skilled not only with numbers, but with analyzing data supported by digital platforms.

Engineering Project Manager | Average salary: salary ranges between CAD 74,000 and CAD 92,000.

These are professionals qualified for building and managing people. With the federal government pumping money into infrastructure projects and the real estate sector booming, the need for engineering project managers is high.

Business Analyst | Average salary: salaries range from CAD 73,000 to CAD 87,000.

These professionals, especially those with some technology background, play an essential role in most companies, Levy said. They are people who make sure that the company is making the most of its sources, of course with the help of all employees.

With technology being one of the pillars of competitiveness, it is easy to identify companies that are looking for Business Analysts with experience in Information Technology.