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Back Pain Hindrance in Your Daily Life Now Eliminated


Back pain is a problem that is very commonly found among people of all ages, races, and gender. It was always thought that back pain was associated with old age. However, we have been proven wrong. In this age of computers, it is quite commonly found in children and adults. Though in children it is due to the stress of carrying school bags or due to reduced physical activities, among adults it may be due to a host of other reasons.

Back pain can be caused due to inflammation, swelling, or poor posture in some of us. However, the other reasons could be a very busy life, unnecessary and unwanted stress caused by problems in handling career and home, excessive traveling, sitting in same postures for long hours, and reduced physical exercises. All the modern materialistic comforts of our lives have deprived us of being active and enjoying the active pleasures of life. Hence it becomes greatly important for us to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to stay fit and free of health problems.

Anatomically backache can be classified as neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain, and tail bone pain. These pains can be dull and nagging, constant, intermittent, or chronic, and can stay in one place or can radiate to other parts of the body. They can radiate to hands and arms or legs or feet accompanied by weakness, numbness, and tingling.

Although we cannot classify back pain as life-threatening, it is not advisable to ignore the problem. Backache problems that are relatively small may grow to become chronic which may at times call in for surgery. A backache that continues even after a week should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. Based on individual cases and the extent of the back pain doctor decides if the treatment is to be a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Dr. Mia walker’s Spine & Brain Clinic established in New York is one of the leading hospitals in dealing with cases in need of treatment for Spine and Brain problems. With state-of-art facilities which are highly advanced, the team of doctors who have many years of experience handling such cases and with an emergency and trauma center is an outstanding facility to approach for any neurological problems. With a dedicated and competent team of doctors and ICU to provide emergency services round the clock, the Spine & Brain Clinic has made a name for itself in the field of medical science through its innovative treatments.

Using the traditional methods of treatments like medication, exercise, and plenty of rest, the MAX treatment at the Spine & Brine Clinic has accomplished amazing results in chronic back pain patients who have been suffering from backaches for years altogether. With MAX, hopes have risen for such people who are continuously suffering from back pain. Treated with the intention of reducing the pains immediately in case of acute or chronic pain, the patients are then educated about the management of back pain through which they can return to their daily activities without the re-emergence of spinal aches anymore.

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