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Barbarian 5e Witch Doctor Class Guide


The Barbarian class is a popular choice among players of D&D because they offer some very strong options when played in both PvE and PvP. While the Barbarian has some distinct benefits as a solo player, if you play an entire group, it can be a powerful DPS choice. There are four different class choices for the Barbarian 5e; Tauren, Troll, Dwarf, and Night Elf. Each of these choices offers its own strengths and weaknesses.

Tauren – This race is an excellent choice for the Barbarian

They have several strong options for dual-wielding weapons. Dual-wielding weapons allow the Barbarian to have the ability to attack multiple enemies at a time with their ability to hit multiple targets. They also have a strong overall physical damage ability and a number or special attacks that can single out specific enemy types such as undead or dwarves. These special attacks do not count against the Warrior’s inflict damage.

One weakness of the Barbarians is that they are unable to wear heavy armor. For this reason, the Barbarian’s ability to deal damage with their hit and heal ability takes priority over anything else. In PvP situations, it is still important to focus on the group. If you’re not able to get a bunch of hits and heal to keep up with the enemy, try using Hit and Save (Mana Drain) or emergency tanking (Haste).

Troll – The Trolls are an option for tanks

Their ability to regenerate while stunned or being hit does not take effect until they are healed. They have several strong options for DPS as well. Two tanking builds use the Arms or Fury combo while DPS builds use either Blood Fury or Blood Strike for brutal single target attacks webnews21.

Dwarf – This race is rather special because it is a melee spec

While the Barbarian is able to use their tanking abilities to great effect, a well-built Dwarf has enough burst damage via the Stone form to ignore most debuffs. The stone form can knock down enemies or stun them for several seconds and allows the Dwarf to freely move around. It can even activate the Stone form, allowing the Druid to move in between enemies without restrictions.

Night Elf – The Night Elf has access to several powerful

Abilities that can help the entire party. Shadow meld is a fantastic rebuff that can be very useful for keeping multiple enemies grouped together. The other great thing to watch out for is the Cleave, which can really pile up damage in a hurry. When leveling, make sure to use the Moon fire and Power Overwhelming at least once, preferably twice in a row. As with Troll, the Moon fire will also cause enemies to be slowed or stunned.

High Elf – While the Barbarian is a tank

The High Elf has the ability to restore itself while tanking and has no problem soaking up massive amounts of damage. A nice combination of offensive and defensive abilities is best for this build, especially when you get the correct combinations. One good thing about the ability is that the player can cast spells while using the bow! Just keep the right combinations (stealing and stunning) and you will have no trouble surviving.

That’s All There Is To the Barbarian Class

This is one of my favorite classes in the game. The bonus damage is excellent for solo play, but when a group needs you, this is the class for you. The monk doesn’t have the ability to tank like other classes, but does have some interesting abilities to share with a group. For more information on leveling, as well as a list of Buildable and recipes for the Barbarian, go to the links below.