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Luke’s father started selling beams and associated with firms such as Beams & Constructional and Black & Timber Yard when he was young. Depending on the quantity, we are able to deliver, we will provide … Read More

Luke’s father started selling beams and associated with firms such as Beams & Constructional and Black & Timber Yard when he was young. Depending on the quantity, we are able to deliver, we will provide to you in small or large amounts. Please give us a call if you have any questions Timber Merchants East Sussex UK .


Logs of various ages are available to the customer, either sawn from live European Oak or split live European Oak species” (equivalent to the Grade BS5756 1996). As is commonly used by hairdressers, Jewel cutting is available for hairstylists. French wholesalers are able to supply is greater volume: we can sell the shipment direct from our suppliers. We have a different set of graders who have completed training for BS575.


Even after installation, wooden beams are very often show damage, which is expected due to the presence of gaps and openings in the growth rings. This has been as a result of the beam having dried out over time. It is almost impossible to dry the middle of the beam with heat, they can be dried enough but the top and held in a central position. It’s not a concern because as previously said, but you should be ready for the beam to break and expand (or the room to fall apart) – it will NOT be weakened. it’s For those applications where you can only use fresh Douglas fir, a home-grown Douglas fir variety is available.


In addition to water-exposed Fresnel, we also carry some steady air-drying Fresnel for use in repairing scars. This might vary from order to order, so it is always advisable to call to double-check stock availability. We’re usually able to help you find the appropriate sizes if we do not have them in stock.


A wooden fence in the countryside often stands out of view and appears to be nondescript because it blends in with the environment, particularly if it is open. Aside from the variation in height, these are all very similar. This theme runs the gamut from low fences, to ones that are two metres tall and one to several metres wide to protect large animals, or an enclosed knee-high rail fence to restrict all kinds of large animals. the various roadsides to be seen in the English county of Sussex are well known for their Cleft-rail fences; they are frequently seen alongside typical country roads and add a distinguished or individual touch to the landscape of numerous private residences.


if you like easy and attractive or economical, closed panel and chain-link fences give an appealing and less costly boundary for your land. Many different panel styles are available such as Lapped, Concave or Raised, and Decorative, or Convex and Concave with decorative tops.


A number of the UK’s largest home-building companies work with us. There are two types of users with Site Hoarding: those who begin by protecting the system with it, and those who install it. This is generally is in its natural state, untainted state, or it may be painted with the company’s chosen colour.


Our specialized knowledge of the timber trade has permitted us to provide the customer with a wide range of fencing designs on a supply or supply and repair basis. The Association of Fencing works with members from the East of England, small businesses, for private clients, companies in the construction and building trades, and civil agencies for government and municipal institutions in the West.


While using timber for fencing is a large part of our business, we also do on-site installation and supply and maintenance. All other forms of non-wood timber are supplied and supplied/imported by the connection with our well-known wood sources, enabling us to guarantee quality and meet all our requirements for infrastructure demand. 1722 is quite carefully follows these procedures to deliver the most reliable protection and the best fencing and fences.


A galvanised steel chainlink fence is a very strong and flexible product, in which case of emergency available in either as P.V.C. coated or galvanised. it can be built to either with concrete, metal, metal, or timber posts, as well as the choice of barbed wire extensions to prevent intruders, which are commonly used for other purposes, or to sports and for units, manufacturing facilities and retail establishments that require heightened protection. Also, chain link can be strung round or square steel post and placed up in a range of different types of paints or plated with the GalvanizedP.C., or more desirable colours, with a variety of choices There are domestic chains which are made to a height of 900mm, which have barbed wire for added protection, and extensions for more extreme installations, which stretch to a height of 2400mm. From that height, you can create courts and athletic fields at 4200mm (3600mm above ground level). the Quick installation’s custom security gates can be configured to fit any opening and are built alongside fencing by our highly qualified installation teams every single type of fencing will be built to BSI22 part 1, including variations for the customer specifications


Steel Palisade fencing is made using galvanised steel, and available in a range of colours such as blue, yellow, brown, and grey. Additionally, more manageable multi-foot heights are available, but mult-legged fences are less desired, as any pedestrians who lean against or climb on a fence for support can be injured. The fence is commonly used for these sorts of environments, and thus serves as a good barrier and often acts as a highly protective measure in most locations. Instead of chain link fence, weldm fencing is a more economical option. expanding the facility construction of a portable deck for transporting staff and materials, e.g. if supplied with galvanised, it is possible to paint it with acrylic.


Several types of steel railings can be used to make a solid fence. Galvanised steel is normally available in many different colours, but special anodized zinc can be painted and powder-coated. the railings are in a variety of different colour schemes to its various stages of completion Various types of toppers, including cylindrical, interlaced, domed, rounded, and spiky tops are commonly used. Other finishes are available on request.


We have the capacity to produce and provide game and repair ball courts for all forms of balls. This consists of a base panelled top covered with welded-mesh that has either with galvanised or powder-coated steel cross sections. Two-and-and-a-a-a-half foot, three-foot, and three-and-and-a-a-half-footWe’re always here to help

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