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Beauty Specialist Renata de Abreu: The Expert behind Ayurvedic Treatment

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Ayurveda treatment is one of the world’s oldest healing systems derived from India more than 3,000 years ago. This natural healing procedure revolves around the belief that a person’s health is based on the balance between one’s mind, body, and soul. Its main gain is centered on promoting good health and prevents diseases from affecting the body.


According to WebMD, Ayurveda is considered a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the United States and is a valuable source of treatment in high demand worldwide. Consequently, people are looking for Ayurvedic experts who can use this holistic natural treatment to relieve them of the pain – and that is when they came across Renata de Abreu.

As a revered beauty specialist and spa consultant, Renata has worked in the spa industry for years and has taken a keen interest in Ayurvedic techniques. After learning more of its history and practices, Renata has learned all there is to this health treatment and has been certified as an Ayurvedic coach.

She has also indulged in various other business endeavors, such as owning her Spa in Sunny Isles, which is called Spa Home Life in Florida. The establishment is focused on teaching a wide range of therapeutic and esthetic techniques in the United States, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. Moreover, she also launched her own Amazon store and is also the creator and partner of Bliss Retreat, a prestigious wellness retreat.

Her career began in 1998 where she founded Spa Mais Vida, which only operated until 2012. She also found Expertise Spa Consulting, a company which she currently heads since 2007. Renata also established Renata de Abreu Consulting LLC in 2014, which offers a wide range of luxury spa facilities and guidance to aspiring businesses worldwide.

Aside from her expertise in Ayurvedic practices, she focuses on coming with even more healthcare approaches by launching her own food and juice Ayurvedic line in partnership with the Sagrado Café in Miami. Moreover, she hopes that building a spa in the north of Brazil for Dra Suzy Morais is can further expand her influence on these plains. To find out more about her ongoing business plans, check out Renata’s Instagram page, where she posts about everything related to Ayurvedic practices and her future plans regarding its practices.

Furthermore, Renata has been involved in media appearances as well. She was first seen as a host on Fox TV’s Ser Mulher’s Show in Argentina and then moved to Globo TV, where she took part in different shows. She also worked directly with Angelica Ksyvickis every Saturday on her TV Show Estrelas as a beauty expert and has even taken part in beauty and health programs that were hosted on Fox TV and Rede Globo.

We are all currently excited to get a glimpse of Renata’s first book, ‘Ayurveda Modo de Viver e suasOrigens’ which will be published in 2021. The book is a part of her social project in Brazil, where she plans to teach underprivileged kids how to perform Ayurvedic practices to prevent people from being victims of disease and overall find an ideal way to balance a healthy lifestyle.