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Before Applying For Personal Loan


Personal loans have a very high-interest rate on them because they are unsecured loans. So, a personal loan can only be considered if:

You have no property/security you can make a loan from. For example, a secure loan should make more sense if you have an FD that you can commit.

You have certain visibility on your cash flow and are confident you can repay the EMIs in due time. Otherwise, you must enter a debt trap. You must not.

An emergency occurs and immediate financing is required. A personal loan is possible but due to the minimum documentation the processing time is much shorter.

Choose personal loans only to satisfy the basic needs that you cannot wait for. It’s your final destination. It may be expensive, i.e. to gambling, to buy a new car (a car loan is a safer bet with a lower interest), and so on.

Assess the cheapest offer for loans

These loans have high-interest rates of 14% to 25%. Compare interest rates and get an overview of annualized interest rates for each offer. Figure out then the total reimbursement amount, before you opt for the loan of your choice.

You must find low-interest personal loans if you want to save some amount from your salary.

Processing fee

The fee and all fees you charge when applying for your private loan should be kept in mind.

Prepaid Penalty Check

Ask for penalty payments in advance at any time for prepaid personal loans. Loan customers are also more likely than expected to pay off debt early than loan buyers. 

It is vital therefore to know if you allow partial advance payments for your personal loan offer. If so, you should be aware of how long you will start prepaid payment during a loan period and you should appreciate the expense you incur in part or in full due to those advance payments.


Assess all loan bids. The first prerequisite for selecting a loan is that the loan would cost its total cash flow. The EMI is the second factor. 

The offering of loans with a lower EMI and a longer-term would seem desirable since it can be convenient on your bag, but not all such loans are cost-effective in the long term. 

Thus, first, calculate the total cost of the loan and try to choose a higher EMI, which will allow you to easily reduce your loan tenure.

Credit History

Credit history is a crucial element in your loan application, especially in the case of unsecured loans. Instant loan approval is provided by excellent repayment history, but brownie points in the form of more attractive interest rates.

Loan Documents Requirement

Many banks in UAE offer several Personal Loans for Emiratis as well as ex-pats. The least number of paperwork is necessary for personal loans to be accepted as quickly as possible. The proof of identity, residence, and income and also 3-6 months of your bank accounts are usually required of financial institutions. Some banks need guarantors and the same set of papers.


As stated at the start of this Article, you can acquire a loan against investments that you can undertake, such as shares, fixed deposits, gold, insurance policies, etc. In contrast to personal interest rates, interest rates are lower.