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Benefits of Best Private School in Singapore


If you want to know why most parents prefer Best Private School in Singapore? Here are some reasons that will help you know the benefits of private school.

Smaller class sizes

As compared to public schools where the student-teacher ratio is quite bigger; the chance of individual attention becomes less. Whereas, in a Private School the ratio is 15:1, so students receive more individual attention which results in a better understanding of the concepts and enables them to sort queries on a one to one basis.

Dedicated teachers

As per a private school survey, it was seen that  91% of parents send their children to private schools because of the dedicated teachers.

 Parents know the importance of dedicated and highly qualified teachers as they want their children to receive the best possible education. 


The safety of the child is another top priority of most parents while choosing a private school as they are more safe compared to public schools. Real-time alerts of pick up and drop, CCTV, proper background checkup of the school faculties and other members are some of the features in these private schools

Parents Involvement

Private schools make a strong effort to involve parents through participation in various kinds of activities and not only that, there are frequent meetings and communication. All these things enhance relationships and provide a full education experience to parents. 


The best part of the private school is that it provides a Bilingual education program where students are taught the curriculum content in a target language.  Students learn not only their core subjects in the main language but gain knowledge of the other language as well.  

Bilingualism in Singapore

GIIS International School in Singapore has a Chinese-English Bilingual Programme for Grade 1 to 5. GIIS is one of the top bilingual schools in Singapore that helps students to excel in academics and become phenomenal communicators.

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world with 14% of the global population speaking Chinese. China is a career hub, by offering this outstanding curriculum, GIIS gives a competitive advantage to students to have an excellent career.

Bilingualism in Singapore opens new doors of success for your child and offers them a competitive edge over others in any field.

Subjects Offered to (Class 1 – 5) are

  • English Language
  • Mandarin Language
  • Mathematics
  • Personal, Social & Physical Education
  • Unit of Inquiry (Science, Technology & Social Studies)


Private schools are more like a community and less like a typical school. which makes students and parents feel more comfortable, and more passionate about learning. 

Resources in Best Private School in Singapore

Private schools have more resources and facilities to improve the student experience such as 


  • 40+ skills-based studios
  • Digital classrooms 
  • Student Innovation Rooms
  • Britannica Learning Zone
  • Montessori Laboratory
  • Play Area and Music Room for Kindergarten
  • Library
  • IT and Maths Lab
  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Yoga Room
  • Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Value


The academic results of private school are exceptional. In GIIS, Singapore students have been making outstanding performance in career-deciding exams. The school has recorded 100% distinction in Grade 10 results with more than 85% of students consistently scoring A+.

Networking opportunities

There are many networking opportunities where students can stay connected to their school mostly and many students can follow alumni networks (older students) which can potentially lead to career opportunities down the line.

Why is GIIS the Best Private School in Singapore?

It is not a typical school, it is a place where students are provided holistic education, a unique pedagogy that focuses on the physical well-being, mental and spiritual development of students. It sets students on the path of excellence by offering the most advanced academic curriculum and is encouraged to discuss, share their experiences. Their mission is to provide the right environment, holistic education, outstanding facilities and individual attention all at an affordable cost so that every student gets access to quality education without putting a huge financial burden on families. Some of the merits of scholarship programs in GIIS Singapore is boon to families that cannot afford the cost of private school

Teachers in GIIS provide knowledge that is not restricted to just books, students here are often busy investigating a real-world issue, solving problems, participating in simulations, conducting case studies and research in order to develop and solve practical solutions to inspire change at the local and global levels. All these are done by integrating subjects across the curriculum. It helps the student to gain knowledge holistically, explore, interpret, and synthesize information in meaningful ways. 


Private schools have many benefits but mostly it provides an environment where your child can develop intellectually, emotionally and socially. Parents, now you have enough reasons to choose a private school, so enrol your child in Best Private School in Singapore for overall development and success in all areas of life.


For more information check out the details given below

Global Indian International School (GIIS), Singapore

Website:- https://singapore.globalindianschool.org

Board:- Global Montessori (GMP), IB Primary Years (PYP), Cambridge (CLSP), Cambridge (IGCSE), IB DP (Diploma), CBSE and Bilingual Program

School Level:- Kindergarten to HighSchool

Admission Process:- https://singapore.globalindianschool.org/admissions/admissions-process

School fee structure:- https://singapore.globalindianschool.org/admissions/fees

Campus Tour:- https://singapore.globalindianschool.org/student-life/campus-tour

Admission Form:- https://www.mygiis.org/GIISAdm/AdmissionForm

Contact:- WeChat QR Code /Whatsapp:- +65-9631 6000

Call:- +65-69147100 (International)/ +86-21603-14561 (Call from China)

Toll-free No:- 1800-5722-810

Email:- admissions.sg@globalindianschool.org