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Benefits of incorporation of ghee in one’s diet

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Ghee often known as clarified butter was originated in ancient India. It is a popular addition to the Indian cuisine as it is incorporated in every dish. The addition of ghee makes the dish healthy and improvises the taste of a dish. The health benefits of ghee are innumerable as it promotes a very sound and healthy body. Doctors also recommend one spoon of ghee in the morning as it removes all the toxins from the body infusing the much needed nutrients and promotion of health. It is the core addition in every dish of an Indian household. Some prefer it to produce it at home and some prefer it to buy from a grocery store. Bilona ghee is one such brand name that produces ghee from the milk of desi cow and is high on quality and purity content. Bilona ghee price is in direct proportion with the quality of the product. Benefits of ghee consumption can be explained in the points as follows: –

  • High on nutritional value: – Ghee has a high percentage of calories and is rightly known as calorie-dense food. 100 ml of ghee has as many as 883 calories. Cholesterol and butyric acid is also present in ghee. It is a pure nature of fat though it is unsaturated fat. It is not such a fat that is unhealthy for the body, the fat present here is high on nutritive value and is something that is a need for the body. Consumption of ghee also helps to prevent a person from heart diseases. It is also known as a powerhouse of nutrition’s.
  • Stimulates the digestion of an individual: – Consumption of ghee is significantly connected with a healthy gut. It helps in the reduction of risk of various deadly diseases to the body such as heart diseases, cancer and ulcers. People in ancient times preferred consuming a one tea spoonful of ghee before a meal.
  • Boosts the immunity and contains essential vitamins: – Ghee is high on Vitamin A and E that promotes the balance in hormones. It also promotes a healthy liver and fertility. Since it contains butyric acid, production of T cells take place that help in combating diseases.
  • Use of ghee as medicines: – There are still many people who believe in avoiding the intake of medicines and go for the traditional way for curing body aches or minor problems. Ghee is a blessed liquid and it provides quick cure to sore throat, dryness on body, treatment of burns, healthy scalp. Since it has certain amount of content of calcium to promotes strong bones and tooth decay. It also helps in moisturization of skin and hair.
  • It is pure and natural: – Ghee which is known as the clarified butter is all pure and natural and is made from milk. Milk is converted into butter and further butter is converted into ghee.

From the above points it is clear that ghee should be a mandatory liquid food that one must infuse in the dishes. One can order for bilona ghee online or buy it from the grocery stores.