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Benefits of Physiotherapy during the Winters

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As the temperature drops close to zero degrees, several health problems begin to show up. Physiotherapy sessions can be very helpful in dealing with these, especially during winters when we are subjected to chilling temperatures resulting in bone-freezing experiences.

If you occasionally muscle and joint pain during normal days, things can get very nasty during the winters. Here are some of the common conditions that often get worse as temperature drops, and how physiotherapist in South Delhi could help alleviate these pains.


Costochondritis, also referred to as rib joint pain in normal parlance, is a painful condition arising due to the inflammation of the rib cage cartilage at its joining with the sternum (chest bone). The pain usually arises due to injuries or physical strain and worsens when you are coughing a lot or breathing hard due to a cold. The pain inflicts nearly all age groups, but the working groups and active sportspersons are at the highest risk of costochondritis. The pain is mostly experienced in the thoracic area between the upper and middle chest areas.

Simple physiotherapy techniques can help you gain back normalcy in the areas inflamed due to chest pain. A session with the physiotherapist would not only remove inflammation but also set the roadmap toward recovery in the subsequent visits.

Tennis elbow

Every adult, at some point in their life, has suffered from at least one of the potentially debilitating pain caused due to a tear in the tendons of the elbow joint. Tennis elbow also called lateral epicondylitis affects 90% of sports professionals, heavy machinery workers, and housewives. It restricts the movement of the elbow due to constant stress on the lower wrist, and forearm. Most professionals involved in racquet sports face painful tennis elbow during the winters, and so do housewives because of doing their chores with cold water.

Physiotherapy plays a momentous role in the management of tennis elbow and restores a range of motion in the wrist.

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder [TMD]

TMD also called jaw bone pain, is a very common disorder that gets aggravated during the winters. It could be caused due to trauma or a fall from an accident or excessive stimulation of jaw bone due to eating too much or chewing gum. Even sipping too much from a straw, biting into ropes, asthma and, too much sneezing could result in painful jaw bone pain.

Best South Delhi physiotherapists recommend applying hot and cold packs, getting localized massaging of the head on a regular basis.


In Delhi, where temperatures and environmental pollution are inflicting the local population with life-threatening diseases, asthma is one of the growing killers, especially among small school going kids and elderly above the age of 60 years. Asthma, triggered by cold weather and dust, can result in chronic pain and inflammation of the lungs. Constant sneezing and blowing wind from the mouth results in jaw pain, rib pain, and back pain.

A good physiotherapy session for Yoga, breathing techniques, and massage of the back could alleviate all the pain associated with asthma.