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Benefits of PR Marketing for Indian Startups


PR or Public Relations is the most popular trend in the advertising and marketing industry. Even though it has been popular for a while now and many companies have chosen it as a means to acquire more sale than before, still people are not aware of the actual benefits of PR. However, the benefits of PR are much more than just getting exposure to get a chance of increasing your sales. Given below are the key benefits of PR marketing, which will help you understand what a good PR can do for you. 

Benefit No. 1: You save money while advertising and marketing your brand:

The traditional ways of marketing and advertising your brand or product are very extensive and expensive. With the help of PR agents, you can skip those traditional methods to reach the correct audience for your brand in a more direct manner. All at the same time, you will also be able to save a lot of money since, PR does not cost as much as the traditional advertising and marketing tricks but, since you are directly connecting with your desired target audience, it boosts your sales a lot as compared to the other ways. For example, Indian press release distribution services are great for low cost marketing with greater impact. 

Benefit No. 2: It shows that your business is credible:

In today’s world, people are more cautious as compared to the earlier times. The reason behind this is that most businesses are not all that what they advertise to be. Various studies and research has shown that businesses seem seven times more credible when they are mentioned in the media. 

Benefit No. 3: You are able to directly connect with your audience:

As mentioned earlier, with the help of PR your brand will be able to directly connect with its desired target audience. This not only saves a lot of your money but, also increases your sales a lot faster. For instance, if you are skin care brand, then being advertised in the newspaper will not increase your sales as compared to being reviewed in a beauty blogger’s blog post. 

Benefit No. 4: It helps you build connections:

Building connections are extremely essential in any field. A lot of times, these connections help you achieve some of your goals. For instance, if you have contacted a certain social media influencer for a PR post, then you have built a connection with that person. With the help of that social media influencer, you can collaborate with her connections as well, most probably at lesser rates. 

Benefit No. 5: You can create a positive image of your brand:

PR services are known for creating a positive image even if it seems impossible. Their tricks and tactics are very suave and subtle, and it seems very natural. The PR team can completely whitewash your image. Many actors, brands and businesses have hired them for such purposes. Bad image of your brand will decrease your sales from a hundred to a zero within the snap of your fingers. Having a good PR is always essential for a profitable business. A good PR will change people’s perception and attitude towards your business. 

Benefit No. 6: It can help with Search Engine Optimization:

A good PR can improve your online presence and can hence, help in improving your Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This will increase traffic on your website and will eventually help you in increasing your sales. 

This is how a good PR helps you turn your brand’s presence around. Hence, you should you invest in a good PR team or hire a reputable Indian press release distribution service. This can also lead you to amazing new opportunities.