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Benefits of Priority Premium Banking In UAE


As the name means, priority banking is the type of services, profit, and rights that a bank offers to those clients. This is called primary banking. Many banks with priority or top banking facilities have separate counters, lounges, and personnel to look after these elite citizens as soon as they step through the gates.

Priority Banking Benefits

Priority banking offers many advantages to its customers.

Financial Advisory

The first advantage that all banks are providing is that they are a committed relationship advisor, whether guidance on finances, assistance in obtaining loans, or maintenance of their savings account. They are also helpful for them.

Preferential Prices On Sale

The individual’s discounted preferential prices on sales are still free of charge as a priority client. Priority clients, for example, will benefit from a waiver of their international telegraphic transfers (TT) within their network.

Less Interest

Priority borrowers should expect reduced interest rates on home loans and personal loans and charge waives on their credit cards in chosen financial institutions.

Premium Services

In addition, they will benefit from certain privileges in life and give them access to premium airport lounges, exclusive invitations to events, shopping offers, and other exclusive deals in other regions.

Mashreq Bank Priority Banking

Mashreq bank provides its customers with a Mashreq Gold account. Mashreq bank offers many benefits to its customers. At Mashreq, they trust in offering you an account that will help you handle your finances in the way you fulfill your daily transactional requirements. Combining ease, stability, financial and non-financial incentives, you still have keys to your account.

Mashreq Bank Dedicated Team 

You will work closely with your devoted UAE connection manager to consider your particular priorities and financial need. You will still try to help you respond to these needs. You are specially allocated to your UAE-based relationship management and will provide you with a tailored banking experience. The Partnership Manager will provide you with financial strategies and product choices that suit your financial criteria.

Priority Banking Minimum Balance

Mashreq bank Priority banking minimum balance criteria are;

  • AED 50,000 or more monthly wage transition
  • Hold an overall AED 300,000 balance in either bank money account.

The launch of a Mashreq Gold Account requires no fee    However, if the Mashreq Gold requirements are not fulfilled for the successive 3-month cycle, a quarterly fee of AED 1,000 (plus VAT) is charged. If your account’s balance at any time during the month is below AED 3000, an AED 25 “inferior fee” is paid. This fee is only paid once a month.

Best Premium Current Accounts

Mashreq bank premium accounts have become one of the best premium current accounts. Mashreq bank’s best premium current accounts serve the customers at maximum.

Mashreq Best Premium Accounts Services

  • The main Partnership Consultant backed by a team of specialists in asset, banking, mortgage, and FX practitioners.
  • Vorteile from first wellness gym, tennis, airport pick up, and drop-off facilities. Lifestyle advantages.
  • Priority account processing and preferential prices on deposits, transfers, and forex.
  • Restaurants, free global airport lounges, spa, and golf privileges.
  • Quick and simple handling
  • Checkbook issuance with instant VISA debit card.
  • The flexibility of using a debit card or cheque at any time
  • Cash withdrawal in over 1,8 million ATMs in more than 200 quickly
  • Store at over 24 million supermarket stores internationally
  • Free login for online banking
  • Free connections to mobile banks
  • Services of free telebanking