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Benefits of Reading and Writing challenges


During elementary school tutoring, children learn the most basic and important skills that are going to build a foundation for their future academics. They learn the skills that are required to survive in society.

Among these skills, the two most important skills are reading and writing. These skills are very much connected. Children face a lot of challenges during their learning period. But finally, these challenges pay off.

Reading and writing are those skills that are required throughout their lives. Writing and reading interchangeable skills. One cannot improve reading without improving writing.

Benefits of reading:

Practice makes a man perfect:

Children who make reading a habit and read every day, gradually become better at reading. As time passes, they practice reading complex words and lengthy paragraphs. After all, practice makes a man perfect and reading is no different.

Exercise for the brain:

Reading is a good exercise for our brain. The brain finds reading a complex task, and when a child reads, the brain connections strengthen and it also helps in developing new connections.

Improves concentration:

To read, a child needs to sit quietly and focus on what is written in the book. If the child keeps on reading, by time he will develop this quality of concentration for a long time.

Awareness of the world:

Reading a variety of books help the child to know about the world around him. He will be able to learn about the people and their cultures all around the world.


Improvement in language skills and vocabulary:

We learn new words through reading. If the child reads a new word and then tries to use it in his daily routine, he will be able to expand his vocabulary. Through effective reading, he will learn to pronounce different words. It will improve his communication skill.


Development of imagination:

Children have a whole different world of imagination and it comes through reading. As they read storybooks, they make their imaginary world. It also helps in writing as he will become able to write his thoughts.

Benefits of writing:

Builds confidence:

Children should make writing their hobby and should include it in their routine. Developing a habit of writing benefits in many ways. Through writing, you are engaged in an exercise by which you can express your thoughts and emotions without any limitations. It gives you a better opportunity to express how you feel about certain things.

It will also give you confidence and you will feel more comfortable when asserting your point of view and perspective in front of others.

Communication skills:

When the child writes, he writes imaginary characters and writes their feelings, thoughts and emotions. It helps the child to improve his communication skills because when he understand other’s perspective, he will be able to do better communication. They will know how to explain or discuss things.

Wrapping Up:

At the day end, writing and reading are the two most important skills that every child should practice every day.