Benefits of using CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) is a device used to monitor the glucose level of the human body. About CGM we can say a device exactly what you need, exactly where you are that’s why we … Read More

Benefits of using CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) is a device used to monitor the glucose level of the human body. About CGM we can say a device exactly what you need, exactly where you are that’s why we can call it freestyle liber. It’s simply a small sensor that has to put on the back of your arm and it will automatically start its work. CGM is a painless device introduced for diabetic patients. Freestyle liber 2 is a famous device for people with T1D because it automatically measures and tracks blood glucose levels and sends alarms when they start to rise or fall excessively far. Continuous glucose monitoring is improving access to use the technology that helps in controlling confusions and improving satisfaction for those living with diabetes. CGM Monitors is strengthening the public healthcare solutions for diabetics.

Skimming and scanning

No more single readings, now CGMs which is also known as freestyle libere, will provide you with continuous, dynamic, and real-time readings of your blood glucose level and can be used at any time (day/night). It takes glucose measurements at regular intervals of 5 minutes. It is bringing the future of health care as freestyle libere 14 days glucose readings can be accessible to records and helps you to maintain your lifestyle accordingly. CGM helps you to avoid emergencies by taking timely precautions.

Controls glycemic mechanism

Freestyle liber helps you make more precise treatment decisions as it gives you continuous feedback on your diet, requirements of exercise, and mainly the insulin dosage. Continuous glucose monitoring devices help you to be more exact about your daily routine, once you get CGM you will be properly clarified about all lifestyle changings need to be done. It informs you what is happening inside your body’s blood and you can do anything to control the situation.

Targeted level management

A diabetic patient has to control their body’s glucose range. Controlling glucose level is not that easy and the patients must know about the alarming percentage cross of glucose level. CGM helps in every way it also shows the level of time your sensor glucose readings were inside, above or beneath your target Glucose Range

Environment friendly

Continuous glucose monitoring devices are healthier & happier for diabetic patients as they can use the device without any hesitation as to its water-friendly, so you can use it while swimming, bathing, exercising, or showering. You can also get the glucose readings through garments by checking the freestyle Liber scan over the sensor.

No finger sticks

The CGM allows you to stop your finger sticking all the time to monitor the glucose level of your body. CGM devices use tiny sensors and they take readings to measure the glucose level under the skin. It is also connected to wireless transmitters which transmit the recorded reading to a receiver or friendly devices.

Prompt response

Freestyle liber takes glucose readings at regular intervals and permits you to set adjustable edges with alarms when your readings are out of target range. This implies you’ll regularly realize before you feel any symptoms and you can proactively react.

Daily inconstancy

Daily inconstancy means the variation of your glucose level the whole day. A continuous glucose monitoring device uses a graph showing the example and inconstancy of your sensor glucose over a regular day. This helps you to identify the variation of your blood glucose level and make it easier to understand the variations.

Level control

Low-level glucose control is the most important and diabetic patients must be aware at the time of less glucose level according to the glucose range. CGM also shows readings lower than 3.9 mmol/L (for at least 15 minutes) in four distinctive 6-hour times of the day. In short, it’s all about no pain, only gain!

Age limit

CGM is very popular among parents they can use for their children. Freestyle sensor technology is improving a child’s sleep as it works without waking or finger sticking. So stop thinking you can give your health a new lift by buying a single device CGM.

No Misery

Abbott freestyle libere gives you the chance of enjoying the satisfaction of controlling your diabetes and maintaining your lifestyle accordingly. CGM is a friendly device and keeps you updated all the time.

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