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Benefits of Using Portable Davit Cranes


Davit cranes are incredibly effective and potent machines that are used to lift only the heaviest objects. Due to their complex structure and the fact that they require a lot of space, Davit cranes can only be used for massive construction projects. This incredible machinery can operate with loads up to 3,000 pounds, which means that they’re capable of lifting some of the heaviest equipment and machinery to greater altitudes. Operating these machines is not difficult but because the stakes are high, this is a responsible task. Here are some benefits that you need to be aware of.

1.      Simple to operate

It really doesn’t take that much for one to master using this piece of equipment. Commands are fairly simple and there are several directions that the crane itself can move in. The thing is that when entrusting the use of a crane to someone, you need to pay closer attention to their personality than their training. This is something reserved only for the most reliable of your employees. If a worker operating a Davit crane makes a mistake, lives will be at stake and the potential for property damage can be tremendous. Also, natural capability and confidence are a prerequisite for effective use of the crane.

2.      Strength

These cranes are incredibly powerful. While they shouldn’t be used during high wind, the thing is that once set up they won’t be disturbed so easily. The basis itself is durable and made only from the most solid of materials. This means that every crane can support its own weight plus any load that you decide to burden it with. When properly optimized, they can even lift items like shipping containers with ease.

Davit cranes are built for use in many different industries but they are always used outdoor. This is why they’re made to withstand wind, rain, snow and all different climate changes. The alloy used in their construction is specially designed with this task in mind.

3.      Cost-effectiveness

Some of the most common quality Davit cranes are relatively inexpensive yet they provide a tremendous amount of value. Even though construction equipment is rented as much as it is purchased, Davit cranes are somewhat of an exception to this rule. You see, every guide suggests that you should buy equipment that you use more than 60% of the time. With Davit cranes, this is almost always the case. Keep in mind that smaller (portable) Davit cranes are capable of lifting up to 500kg and up to the height of 5 meters. This means that a capable crew would be able to take it from one site to another without much trouble.

4.      Safety

Since Davit cranes are so easy to operate, the margin of error is a lot smaller. Just keep in mind that your crew knows what’s at stake. There are several other safety-related conveniences that you have to focus on. First of all, since it doesn’t take that much for one to master their use, the odds that someone inexperienced or untrained will use them is minimal. Second, since they are so big, the chances of someone not seeing them are quite low. Structurally, these cranes are quite simple with fewer moving parts than some other types of lifting equipment – this means that there’s not much that can malfunction.

5.      Energy-saving

Despite how robust they looked; this equipment is incredibly energy-saving. The majority of other methods that you would have to employ in order to get that material/piece of equipment to that particular position would require a lot more energy, power and fuel. A portable Davit crane can be moved across the same location, thus eliminating the need for several different lift alternatives. In other words, on top of its, already impressive, resume, Davit cranes are eco-friendly, as well.

6.      Great for collaborative work

In the past, one of the biggest problems with Davit cranes was communication. Person up high would have trouble hearing people down in the crowded site. Today, with so many phones and all the wearable technology, this is no longer a challenge (not even a minor one). Sure, radios were always used but now communication across the site (and even directly to the headquarters) is easier than ever. This makes using a Davit crane more efficient than it ever was before. In an industry as competitive as construction, effectiveness is everything.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, this is specialized equipment used in many different industries and its efficiency speaks for itself. From the very start, it’s not hard for anyone to visualize the situation where the Davit crane would be a great solution to the problem. What puts it ahead of other (similar) cranes and lifting solutions is its versatility and cost-effectiveness. In other words, the above-listed six advantages are merely the tip of the iceberg of all the great things Davit cranes have to offer.