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Best 144hz Monitor Under 200


1. AOC 24G2

The first monitor we’ll be discussing includes the AOC 24G2, which is an affordable monitor that is suitable for a variety of tasks like multimedia, gaming and professional work too.

The monitor has an impressive 24 inches of screen and as well as an HD resolution, as well as with a 144 Hz refresh rate. The design is top-quality and has excellent ergonomics. In addition, the speed of response that this model offers is also extremely rapid. This means that it is the AOC 24G2 is a great option if you need a display with the ability to refresh at 144 Hz as well as other features.

Let’s examine this monitor in greater detail to give you a an understanding of what AOC 24G2 can offer you.

Image Quality

The first item we will talk about will be the quality of images that is offered through AOC 24G2. AOC 24G2.

The AOC 24G2 screen comes with a dimension of 24 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. A 24 inch screen and 1080p resolution is quite impressive. This is because the combination gives a good resolution that is 92.56 Pixels per square inch. This causes the image to become crisp and clear.

The AOC 24G2 comes with an IPS panel which gives broad viewing angles, excellent peak brightness, and superior quality of color than other panel. However the IPS panel in the AOC 24G2 is at an amateur quality, but is ideal for your needs.

The AOC 24G2 provides 178-degrees of broad viewing angles and 250-nits of peak brightness.

The brightness provided by this monitor is sufficient, but it has a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 (Static), which seems to be average. IPS panels are indeed consistent in color, but in terms of contrast ratio, it’s very low. This is why the deep blacks that are displayed on the screen appear grayish. To increase the contrast you should consider an alignment panel that is vertical (with an average 3000:1 contrast).

However, to be honest IPS panels are more effective in terms of crisp colors since they don’t suffer from any issues with black smearing that are prevalent in the vertical alignment panels.

The AOC 24G2 is a color space that covers 126 percent of the sRGB colour space to achieve more vibrant and saturated colors. However, most users aren’t a fan of this hues because certain colors appear off-the-edge too.

Features and Specifications

The next topic to be discussed will be the features and specifications of this display.

The first feature is the OSD menu. The AOC 24G2 has a well-organized OSD menu that has the majority of features you’re seeking. To navigate through AOC 24G2’s OSD menu, you’ll need to utilize the four hotkeys that are located in the lower bezels of the monitor.

In addition, this monitor comes with gaming-related features, such as The AOC Game Color that allows you to adjust the saturation, temperature, as well as rapid gamma curvature, calibrated images and Shadow Control as well. If you’re a fan of gaming and you love gaming, then you will appreciate using the Frame Counter and the Low input delay mode.

Another great aspect that this display has is its High Dynamic Range which is definitely a nice feature, but it also displays things such as a dodge so you’d prefer not to use it.

If you need to be at your computer for a long period of hours, then the AOC 24G2 comes with a variety of features that you can avail. Like the low-blue light modes, which offers four different modes of intensity , and Flicker-free technology too.

The time for response offered by this display is 1ms (MPRT). In addition, the refresh rate is 144Hz which is an excellent enhancement to overall efficiency of the monitor.

Now, let’s look at what the specs of this display are:

This monitor features an exceptional design that has distinct visuals. For those who play AOC 24G2 is the perfect monitor. AOC 24G2 has the perfect design. The stand is sturdy, and offers excellent ergonomics, too. This monitor comes with an integrated cable management system to ensure that your desk is completely cable-free.

The screen is covered in a matte anti-glare layer to block reflections. Additionally, it comes with bezels that are thin to prevent any distractions from the screen.

In terms of connections, the device has 2 HDMI 1.4 ports as well as one DisplayPort 1.2 as well as the VGA port as well as a headphone jack in addition.


This monitor is offered at the budget price.

The AOC 24G2 sports modern design that is well-designed and has great ergonomics.

There are plenty of options offered by this monitor.

Its color accuracy is precise and uniform.

It offers large viewing angles.


An additional joystick for the On-Screen Display menu navigation could have made it more effective.

The brightness adjustment is set in sRGB mode, which is 90/100.

2. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr

The next monitor we’ll be looking at is the AcerXFA240 that is yet another 144-Hz monitor at a reasonable price.

This monitor has the HD resolution, fast and impressive performance, and many options to help you get the most enjoyment from this monitor. It is good to know that the Acer XFA240 is compatible with each of AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility.

This monitor is sure to serve well for nearly all tasks. It’s also, based on the type it’s the only monitor that has been NVIDIA certified to support G-Sync, and that’s an advantage for this model.

Let’s now look over the complete review on what the AcerXFA240 has to provide.

Image Quality

We first can enjoy the image quality provided by the Acer XFA240.

Let’s discuss the size of the screen on this monitor , which measures 24 inches with an HD resolution of 1080p x 1920 pixels. This results in high pixel density and picture clarity. Therefore, you’ll be content with the screen resolution and size.

Contrarily, the Acer XFA240 features Twisted Nematic panels. We’ve all heard that TN panels aren’t an ideal choice for excellent color quality or a higher contrast ratio when in comparison to other panel types (IPS or VA).

The brightness of this monitor is approximately 350-nits, with a low high contrast of around 1000:1. Because of the twisted panel, the monitor has narrow angles. This means that if you observe the screen from an unnatural perspective, you’ll see colors that change.

But with regards to the performance, and also to provide more precise with the response speeds, Twisted Nematic panels are worth taking a look. This is because TN panels are designed of offering a quicker reaction time speeds.

A fast response time is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it allows you to prevent pixel changes within a matter of seconds, eliminating issues such as motion blur and ghosting effects.

Features and Specifications

The Acer XFA240 has a lot of options to choose from. It comes with six hotkeys that are located on the bottom of the bezel. These hotkeys can be used to create shortcuts to navigate on-screen display options.

For the OSD menu You can utilize it to access various options, such as game modes, altering the settings for Overdrive, changing how you input your monitor, and so on.

If you are a gamer this monitor is an excellent value. It comes with game modes made up of three profiles that you can use to save or modify your settings. It also has tool for adjustment of the image to change the color or saturation, and Gamma presets too. AimPoint can also be used AimPoint to add crosshair overlays into your game in order to become better in hitting the target. It’s cool, isn’t it?

As mentioned previously, TN panels play an important function in improving the response time. The AcerXFA240 comes with 1ms of response time, along with the 144-Hz refresh rate. With this combo, you’ll enjoy a smooth and astonishing experience when playing your favourite games or when watching your favorite films.

This Black Level feature is also beneficial because it improves the clarity when playing games with darker lighting and reverse. Let’s have a review of the specifications of this monitor.

Its design for this monitor is basic and unique, yet it has premium quality finishes. The AcerXFA240 features solid stand that offers great ergonomics like tilt, height adjustment to tilt, swivel as well as swivel, tilt, and pivot. The monitor also has VESA mount capability to allow you to mount the monitor on your wall using 100x100mm pattern that comes with it.

To connect, the Acer XFA240 comes with the DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual-Link DVI-D and as well as an HDMI 1.4 port, and an HDMI 1.4 MHL. It also comes with two built-in speakers of 2W and a headphone port in addition.


The speed of response is high, which leads to lower input time lag.

The AcerXFA240 supports both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

This monitor comes with a variety of gaming options.

The stand for the device is completely ergonomic.

There are connectivity choices numerous.

The performance is exceptional.


The angles of vision are limited, which causes changes in color and transitions when viewing from an angle that is skewed.

Image quality may be less when compared the IPS or VA panels.

3. Sceptre (E248B-FPT168)

This monitor is a great option for both professional as well as informal use. It is, in essence, gaming-oriented, with rapid response times and a 144 Hz refresh rate and excellent features.

Apart from that, this screen is awe-inspiring because of its stunning picture quality and outstanding performance. It all comes in a cost of less than $200. There is no monitor on the market that can provide this high-quality at the price range of a budget.

Let’s go deeper by reviewing Sceptre E248B FPT168 to learn more about the amazing things it has to offer.

Image Quality

Let’s begin our review by reviewing the quality of the image first.

The Sceptre E248B FPT168 has a 24 inch display screen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080p HD full HD. This gives a high quality pixel density of 93 PPI and sharper and more detailed images. text. Apart from that, the Sceptre E248B is fitted with IPS panels which are well-known for their excellent image quality.

By adding IPS panels, you’ll have decent image quality and excellent color consistency and precision.

In essence, the Sceptre E248B is an gaming monitor. In comparison to other monitors, this monitor provides better image quality. It is evident that gaming monitors with twisted nematics have lower image quality. The image appears washed out. In comparison to other monitors the Sceptre E248B FPT168 is an excellent monitor in terms of image quality. If you’re looking for the best quality monitor at a reasonable price then go with this one.

It is crucial to note that there are other high-end monitors that are more expensive than the Sceptre E248B FPT168 have superior image quality. If you’re looking for excellent visuals for a reasonable price this monitor can do the job.

The viewing angles provided by this monitor are very wide, to allow you to enjoy a an enjoyable view.

The maximum brightness provided by the monitor is 320 nits with an inverse that is 1,000:1 (static). The brightness is pretty good that makes this display an excellent choice for the brightest of rooms. For longer use it is advised to reduce the brightness to the lowest level to reduce eye fatigue and strains.

Features and Specifications

The next issue to be discussed is the specifications and features provided by this monitor.

First of all it comes with numerous options. It is loaded with different image settings to improve the quality of images overall. These presets comprise FPS, RTS, Standard Film, Eco, and RPG as well as others. These presets can be utilized to play games, or to watch movies in addition, depending on the genre.

You can also manage and alter different settings associated with your monitor , such as its colors, contrast and brightness. You can also adjust its contrast ratio too. You can change these settings through the On-Screen display menu on this monitor. This OSD Menu is organized well and simple to navigate.

If you suffer from eyesight issues, or people who spend long periods of time in front of a screen The Sceptre E248B FPT168 is an answer. Since this monitor comes with an anti-blue light filter as well as flicker-free technology, you’ll be able to stand at the computer for long periods of time. With no tiredness, eye strain, or headaches.

The refresh rate on the monitor is at 165 Hz. This is higher than a typical 60-Hz display. If you’re into playing competitively, the refresh rate is an advantage over monitors that have less refresh speeds. But, there is a requirement that you must adjust the rate of refresh for this monitor. This is due to the fact that the Sceptre E248B FPT168 has default settings, meaning that the refresh rate is set up to 60Hz. But don’t fret you can alter it to experience the differences.

In terms of response time the device comes with a 3ms pixel reaction time speed. This device was originally advertised as having a 1ms response time which is achievable through adjusting the Overdrive settings. The response time is 1ms.

Let’s glance at the specifications of this display.

The Sceptre E248B FPT168 features slim and minimalist design. It is fitted with slim bezels which help to reduce the amount of distracting factors for you. In addition, it comes with a matte finish that provides it with a professional appearance. The stand for the monitor is made from metal, and is very sturdy.

However, the ergonomics provided in this display are limited by tilt. The monitor doesn’t have adjustments for height and other features that aid in ergonomics.

To connect for connectivity, you’ll get the HDMI 2.0 port with 2 HDMI 1.4 ports. two HDMI 1.4 screen 1.2 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, and two speakers built-in to it.


This device is compatible with AMD FreeSync compatibility.

It has the 165Hz refresh rate which is a major plus.

The image quality on this monitor is amazing.

It comes at a price that is budget.


The monitor is not ergonomically well-designed.