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Best 4K Video Downloader for PC IN 2021

Best 4K Video Downloader for PC IN 2021

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13. Denuvo is the DRM, the DRM is the game.

A day ago, a huge piracy infection called Denuvo was found on a new downloader called Vakarm and released on illegal scene sites. The malware is included in countless games now, and if you never heard of it, Denuvo (previously known as AntiVirus) is a technology that is being developed by a company known as GDATA. And it’s used in all the big and more popular games like Hitman 2, Power Rangers, and God Of War. To be honest, this sounds very nice, right? But according to reports, this game is the most pirated game on Steam right now. It’s all due to the fact that Denuvo detects and prevents copying of games in many cases.

But Denuvo has a huge issue

Denuvo is a software that locks everything – even the controller buttons and the game saves. This means that the pirate team can’t get the game, and even if they succeed in doing it, the game is still locked. Denuvo has such a serious issue that people like Games Radar can not stop speaking about it. The Denuvo module uses a signature algorithm which checks the title, and if it detects the presence of the malware on the actual title, it’s detected by the system and the game can’t be played. So basically, Denuvo tries to avoid people having illegal copies of the game. And there are many cases when people try to bypass it, and they also do it without using Denuvo’s software and for this reason, Steam and G-DATA have to come up with a new solution.

That’s not Denuvo’s only issue

Denuvo’s authentication module does much more than just preventing pirates from having copies of games. It also makes it impossible for non-professional players to play games with lower difficulties. But in some cases, it also prevents professional players from having a good experience. I’m talking about higher difficulties which people usually have to pay for or in some cases, even whole game.