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Best 9 Video SEO tips to Help Improve Your Search Rankings


Just so you know about what SEO is, let’s discuss what it actually is. SEO is a way to improve the quality and quantity of traffic on your website and to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine. Here, we can learn about the main factors of SEO. Generally speaking there is no such particular factor that is better than another, almost all of them are equally important. Here are the three that I think are very necessary, you can ask these questions to yourself; is it necessary to have links to rank yourself? You can have it but it is not a necessity. Do links matter? Yes of course they do. Does the length of your content matter? The length of an article surely does matter, but the one that has better content is way more better than the one that is long but has content that is crappy.

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Now, just to be clear, do not misunderstand video SEO to be the same as regular SEO. There has been quite a change in the way that SEO has been used and now is being used now. Video SEO is a way to optimize your videos in order for them to appear and rank themselves on the search engine when you use the relevant and specific keywords. You must have noticed hoe video marketing of almost each and everything has increased and has added to the efficiency of advertising and marketing, and so has the use of video SEO changed. Getting a rank with the use of your video with the help of SEO will surely help in the improvement of the search rankings. Here are some tips on how to use video SEO that you can use when you are trying to make you website.

  1. It should add value: that data and videos that you put in your website should be very relevant and should be an addition to the information that you have to offer. It should be appealing enough to your viewers so that they stop and feel it worth their time to watch the video. The quality of the video that you put up on your website also tell  a lot about you and your brand and to establish yourself as an authority in the market. It can also be helpful to build trust with your viewers and to increase the conversions.
  2. Try and host the video on your own domain:if your intention behind adding video to your website is to improve your ranking on different search engines, then you might as well host that video on your very own domain, so that the traffic that you generated for your own site does not get directed to some other sit altogether. Also, indexing can be made easier if you create a new web page for each video that you wish to upload.
  3. Creation of content that is interactive:it is a great way to attract and to maintain the attention of the viewers if you make you video and content interactive. You can also give your viewers various perks like, let them pick which video is it that they would prefer to watch, cut and split you video into shorter clips to make it more attractive, or maybe you can make use of strategies that you have been use by campaigns that were successful.
  4. Optimize it with the help of keywords:a keyword based website can be of use not only in regular SEO website but also in video SEO websites, it can be of great help to make the most relevant content available for your viewers. You should always keep experimenting on your website by making use of different keywords all the time. But what you must remember is to maintain discipline on your website and create legible and clear content for it, do that it is helpful for both search engines and for your clients and viewers.
  5. Focus on the thumbnail of your video:a thumbnail is the first thig that comes into view and is the main reason why your audience might want to indulge into watching that video in the first place. And so, you should pick a thumbnail that clearly represents and makes clear what the video has to offer in terms of content.
  6. Generate content that people can share among themselves:your work does not end just when you’ve make interactive video, but it is important to make sure that the content that is created is very much appreciates by your viewers. You should create content that is unique and can add value to the life of your target audience, making them want to share your video and thus ultimately increasing the reach of your video thus increasing the ranking of your website on your search engine. The quality of content that you have to offer to your audience must stand out from the rest of the organizations.
  7. Keep re-purposing your video: you can keep making use of your old videos to increase the reach and lifespan of your video, a video that has great and informative content never gets old, yeah it may need a little bit of updating and use of creativity here and there but you will always be able to make worth the while for your viewers. You can also make use of a number of images to create infographics and slideshows; you can also add short video clips to your website all of which leads to the main source of your website.
  8. Make use of backlinks and different types of contents: any and almost every top ranking video has high quality backlinks on its side.  People today wish to view and share content that is innovative and interesting. There are various types of contents the ones that are most well-known and most liked by the audience are:
  • Emotional content: you should make content that can create a feeling or emotion in the hearts of people, it is something that creates a relation and mark on your viewers thus, making it more interesting for them.
  • Humorous content: who doesn’t like a good laugh, and why not give the viewers what they want. When the people laugh at something they tend to share it with others, thus increasing the reach of your video.
  • Educational content: apart from emotional and humorous content, you can also provide your viewers with content that is educational. Videos that have an educational message included in them also have been seen to be forwarded and shared by people.
  1. Allow others to embed your videos on their sites: if others people wish to embed your video on their own website, it means that they really like it. You should aloe them to do so, as when they use the video that has a backlink to your website, it will surely be of help to drive traffic from their website to yours.