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Best Binaural Beats for Manifestation, Success & Law of Attraction


If you’re looking for the best binaural beats to manifest success and abundance you’re in the right place.

Binaural Beats have been proven to help you reach deep states of meditation, by gently & naturally changing the rate of your brain frequency.

And if you’ve watched The Secret, you’ll know that a meditative state of mind is perfect for “attracting” success & abundance with the Law of Attraction.

So, rather than trying to decipher & compare different offerings based on persuasive marketing copy, why not trust the collective wisdom of Brainwaves and opt for the most popular binaural beats for manifestation?

That way you can make a sensible, informed, and cost-effective decision – and get the best results & value for money.

Law of Attraction Binaural Beats Introduction

After all, the law of attraction states that you manifest what you think about and your thoughts are affected positively or negatively by your mood. Binaural beats can help you alter your mood so it stands to reason that you should be able to use them to boost your law of attraction and manifesting efforts.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a law of nature, much like the law of gravity, but much more difficult to quantify and prove.

To prove the law of gravity you only need to drop a rock from a height to prove it. If you weigh the rock, measure the fall, and time how long it takes, you can come up with a formula for it.

The law of attraction is more difficult to measure and very hard to quantify so consequently you won’t be able to find a scientist to confirm it for you. But oddly, the more we discover about quantum physics and the molecular makeup of our world the more the law of attraction makes sense!

This is because the basic concept of the law of attraction (LOA) holds that everything is made up of energy, including our thoughts and feelings and energy produces vibrations.

The LOA at its simplest states that ‘like attracts like’ so our thoughts and feelings vibrate out into the world and attract like thoughts. If we think thoughts of lack, we receive back situations and circumstances of lack. Equally, if we think thoughts of our abundance, the universe will receive abundance vibrations and give us abundance.

Manifesting Brainwaves and Binaural Beats

Basically, our brains generate electrical impulses all the time when the billions of neurons communicate with each other to get things done.

The accumulation of these impulses can be read by an EEG machine and is known as a brainwave pattern because of the cyclical and wave-like nature of the signals. They are measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz).

The point to understand about this is that the state of our brainwaves will indicate the state of our mind. Our brain wave states correlate to our states of mind and if we can put ourselves into a particular brainwave state, the state of mind and mood will naturally follow.

For LOA, we need to become proficient at getting ourselves into Alpha and especially Theta brain states.

Why are Alpha and Theta helpful in manifesting?

Research has shown that we experience all these brainwaves all of the time in varying amounts and it is natural to do so. However, one will be dominant at any one time. By using binaural beats we can guide our minds to the most useful states when we want them.

When we are in Alpha our brains and thoughts slow down, we relax and feel less stress. We often feel capable of more and are ‘in the zone.’ The Alpha brainwave state is linked to problem-solving, contemplation, and visualization, all of which are useful in manifesting.

When in Alpha we can think about and visualize the things we want to achieve. This brain state allows us to access our subconscious, imagine more vividly, and bring up deeper emotions that stay with us after we leave this state.

Theta is slower and deeper than Alpha and harder to deliberately achieve. In Theta you are said to be able to access an inner higher mind from which you can receive intuitions, guidance, and inspiration.

You can use Theta to reprogram your mind and habits more effectively by visualizing the desired results and by repeating affirmations.

Theta can be accessed by using best binaural beats or self-hypnosis, or a combination of the two. People proficient at self-hypnosis can learn to enter Theta after just a few minutes of listening.

Therefore, find the right Binaural beats for manifestation and law of attraction in Brainwaves, and enjoy fine-tuning your brain to abundance mode!