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Best Cake to Order for Parents Anniversary


Every relationship is different and kind in its own manner. Our parent’s relationship is also unique and has its share of impact on our life. We often see them smiling at each other after a time has passed. They fight but never have they ever let their ego ruin it. Parents are the biggest inspiration to follow. With their unconditional support, we learn to stand on our own. We see a beauty in their relationship that encourages us to be in one.


Because of the love of our parents, we have our faith alive in the word ‘love’. So, their anniversary is also a special occasion to be celebrated. Their increasing love and loyalty for each other are what we need to learn and another reason to feast. Their heartwarming gesture, the knot they tied some good years back, is the reason to celebrate. Our parents’ love story is much more enticing than any love story shown in movies or web series.


As the days pass by and the anniversary date is near, we often rush “from pillar to post” to make their day memorable with gifts, cakes and surprises. We ought to arrange a spectacular event that leaves everyone amazed. But any celebration is completed only with a fantastic, delightful cake that makes the event grandeur. You either visit local shops or opt for online cake order in Delhi and look for the best but get confused, isn’t it?


So, here we have curated some best cakes that suit your parents’ anniversary and are delicate and delicious in nature. Scroll down…


Photo Cake

Cherish the years with one of the most memorable photos that they love. Photo cake is one of the trending cakes that they might not expect from you. Take their best picture that they like and not your and get it printed on the cake. Photo cakes are one of the best wedding anniversary cakes considered. So, your parents might be old, but they would definitely love it.


Pinata Cake

Smash it up! That’s what pinata is all about. If your parents are modern and love new ways of celebration, then the trending pinata would be loved by them. They would anyhow love to smash the pinata to see which cake is hiding inside. For a simple house party with limited people or just with family members, this is one of the best cakes to go for. It would be worth seeing your parents amazed with the uniqueness of this cake.


Heart-Shaped Fondant Cake

A heart for your sweethearts. What can be better than this? A heart-shaped fondant cake is one of the standard cakes that strike in everyone’s mind. But a heart is a symbol of romance, and this cake would be much loved by your parents. It is not just a simple cake but a bundle of emotions that it carries — one of the sweet delicacies to present on a parent’s anniversary.


Floral Cake

It might be a grand party or a small one, but a floral cake with edible flowers adorning the cake would leave everyone awestruck. Surprisingly this is one of the best wedding anniversary fondants that looks rich, adorable and tastes scrumptious. There is no one who didn’t fall for this cake. So, get a floral cake designed for your parents anniversary.


Two-Tier Cake

If you are throwing a grand party, then going for a two-tier truffle cake would be one of the best options to choose from. Just like a wedding cake, if your parents have touched a milestone, then a two-tier or three-tier truffle or any flavoured cake would be loved by them and by the guests you invited.


King-Queen Funky Cake

If you have cool parents, which is no big deal nowadays, you can get a king and queen card cake for them. This designer cake looks lovely and emphasises how queen and king make up to the end. So, this fondant is unique, and your parents might love to have it on their anniversary. The Queen and king never leave each other’s side, just like your parents. So exhibit their love with this cake.


Final Thoughts

A cake is a necessary element in every function you organise. Even if not, then a simple house party also calls for a delicious delicacy that everyone loves. And we understand, it is not easy to choose the best anniversary cake for your parents. It is okay, with our help, we hope you now know what cakes would be best for your parent’s anniversary. So, enjoy the celebration and learn from the ups and downs your parents handle so gracefully.