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Best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad Opening a Nuanced Understanding of Education


Ahmedabad is the textile city of the country, situated in Gujarat, leading in diamond polishing and cutting. It is a very vibrant and rich city and so is reflected in its schools, especially those affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

In fact, this year almost all CBSE schools in Ahmedabad had a 100% pass percentage . Being a city with people from various walks of life makes it a diverse as well as a technologically well-equipped city.

Best CBSE schools near me in Ahmedabad running the extra mile

CBSE schools near me in Ahmedabad are not waiting for COVID-19 to wane off, but taking that extra mile to provide the best education to its students. This is being done with adequate teacher training with new models of online processes and varied approaches like 9 GEMS to provide a holistic development model for students.

 What is the Curriculum in Best CBSE Schools of Ahmedabad?

CBSE schools across the world focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, that is, STEM approach making sure the foundation of students is strong. But lately schools have been inculcating and understanding the importance of Arts and employing a STEAM based model of learning.

Important Markers for finding the Best CBSE school in Ahmedabad

Being the interconnected city that Ahmedabad is, weaving modernity with culture, the best schools in Ahmedabad not only focus on core subjects but go ahead with various value added programs, regular parent and teacher cohorts, and understand the growth of a child from the perspective of extracurriculars as well as what is called a ‘Happiness Index’. These initiatives focus on student centred growth while following common protocols supporting students to reach their ideal potential.

University Placements, Awards, Results, Media Coverage Makeup for the best CBSE school

Ahmedabad has a lot of business class persons and children from such backgrounds tend to not only get high scores but also aim at some of the best universities that India as well as abroad has to offer. It becomes important then to see which schools near you provide the facility of student exchange programs, university guidance, career counseling.

This does not end the search for a good school. It is ideal to see what kind of characteristics and value systems the school incorporates and so does its faculty. Schools are awarded for their excellence in difficult times, extracurriculars, teaching staff, safety, engagement, sports, technology. All this makes it into the media as the media reflects the kind of school and the practices they follow. It is a good idea to find reports on the best schools across Ahmedabad.

Reaching Out to Reach Within, an important aspect of today’s CBSE Schools

As humans it becomes important to stay connected and give back, contribute and feel a part of the greater good. Best CBSE schools nearby will have various bridge programs where students can impact the world they live in whether it is in terms of environmental concerns, mental health, animal welfare or orphanages. 

It is important to find your child a school that not only provides excellence in learning, but also in community services. This helps students to shape as holistic, connected individuals who find joy in sharing and caring about others and themselves i.e Collective growth.

Technology Leading the ForeFront of Today’s CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

Best CBSE schools generally have high Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) scores for students which has been supplemented by the highly innovative and technological nature of the way we live in today’s times. Good schools are trying to bring technology naturally in the curriculum and have data analytics, virtual classrooms, group discussions, forums, online quizzes and use of various technological equipment including labs for English, Computer etc.

Technology doesn’t end at this, solid drive backup, data driven teaching, smart classes are increasingly used to provide students with live experiential learning using virtual reality where they can experience things that are not accessible right off the bat. Today, even the infrastructure for CBSE schools that educates students from class 1 to class 12 is technologically powered with sound  boards, music rooms, solar buildings etc.

Extra Curricular Activities- The more the merrier in Ahmedabad CBSE schools

Extracurricular activities often get sidelined with academics. But, the more isolated the pandemic made us, the more creativity we needed. Extracurricular activities like digital art, quiz, art, games and sports, adventure sports, gymnasium, theatre, cooking and culinary art, face painting, beatboxing, reading clubs all make a way for healthy growth of a child. 

These act as powerhouses- not mitochondria but personal support systems in times of crisis that students can gain energy from instead of getting trapped in a vicious cycle of unhealthy coping mechanisms. These help students scratch their brains but keep them engaged and curious about the here and now.


Education today has become nuanced, with diverse understandings and perspectives of Gen Z, Millennials, and our older folks. Thus, the best CBSE schools near me have been working relentlessly to have their children learn and lead in  a multifaceted fashion