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Best Chocolate Cakes to Savour your taste buds on a special day


Are you among those who excitedly wait for a special occasion just to have a bite of the cake? Well, most of us are the same. We wait for the birthday cake more than birthday celebrations. Isn’t it? The word “cake” is sufficient to make us feel hungry, any day, any time.

A celebration seems dull and bland if there is no cake to be cut and served at the end. Any gift sent with love can win hearts. But a cake sent to your loved ones on a special day can surely bring a lot of joy for themand add happiness to their day. A surprise cake on birthday or anniversary means more than any other gifts! Some occasions like Christmas or New Year eve urge for the cake and a gathering of close people.Wishinga college friend a happy wedding day, your boyfriend a lovely Valentine’s Day, send congratulations wishes to a sibling, convey love to your wife on her promotion, or give wishes of appreciations to your daughter and so on, through a fluffy, moist cake is the sweetest way of wishing. While most of us love to celebrate with a cake, there are also many, who love to have a bite of it.

When we order a cake for a significant day, we think of the taste, flavor, texture, and design. A person may deny any other flavor of cake but when it is a chocolate cake, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t get drooled over it.

Send online any chocolate cake you want, with the standard and express delivery services to your friends, family members, and love, even when you are far from them because there are a lot of online cake delivery services available these days. MyFlowerApp is one of the best among them. Wish your loved ones on special occasions with fascinating cakes as a cake can add on to the happiness of the celebrants and all others who participate in a celebration.

Here is a mention of some popular chocolate cakes from MyFlowerApp.Com which will surely fetch your attention.

Truffle Cake: What can be more expressive than a Truffle Cake for the real cake lovers? A fresh cream whipped, flavored with the heavenly taste of cocoa, buttery and moisty Choco truffle cake is the ultimate cake option for all the occasions, and especially for birthdays. It also comes with some exotic fruit toppings, cream glaze, and choco chips to give it a sweet and twisty taste.

Choco Oreo Mousse cake:Cadbury Oreo is a mouthwatering cookie for every single individual these days. This doesn’t only taste good with a glass of milk, but also a great option when you think of a cake flavor on your loved one’s birthday.It melts instantly as you take a bite of it. The Choco Oreo Mousse is a perfectly textured moist cake that gives the ultimate flavors to the mouth.

Ferrero Rocher Cake: For those who love to keep their celebrations a little more on the royal side, the Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake is the answer to their cake search. Topped elegantly with a ball of Ferrero Rocher, this cake brings you the best of all tastes.

Chocochip photo cake:Indulge yourself in the temptation of this perfectly made finger-licking, crunchy chocolate chip cake. There can’t be anything better than this delightful choco chip cake which holds the power of making your mood instantly better. If you want the cake to taste heavenly chocolaty and feel the crunchy chocolate bites while you eat it. You will feel the fact while having it that chocolates are the best.

Choco fruit cake: Some love chocolate and some love fruits, but most of us love it more when both of these combine to give a heavenly taste. Isn’t it? For birthdays, Choco fruit cake is an ultimate choice to get indulged in the tangy and sweet taste of this cake.

Choco vanilla three-tier cake: For a grand celebration, multi-tier cake is the charm creators. Choco vanilla is something that has the cocoa flavor of the chocolate flavor as well as a subtle and sweet vanilla taste to complement the other flavor. This amazingly designed cake is a magnificent option in case your birthday party is a big one!

Walnut chocolate cake: with a lot of healthy, crunchy bites of walnuts, the chocolate walnut cake is something that can go not only on the occasion of birthday but also on any other occasion. Also if you want to just have some cake as a sweet dish after a meal, then this cake in sugar-free form can serve your cravings.