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4 Best Combat Racing Games for Android

Best Combart Racing Games for Android

Do you love combat racing, fighting while racing, and want to feel the adrenaline of a killer racer with an arsenal of deadly weapons in the fun shooter game? If you are and looking for some real combat racing games to play, here we have got the 4 best combat racing games for Android and you’ll love the games for sure!

So, let’s check the list first before starting the race!

The Race: 3D Motorcycle Racing & Fighting Game

The Race 3D Motorcycle Racing Fighting GameThe race is a great combat racing game that brilliantly combines fast motorbike racing with fighting and as an action racing game lover, you must try it. Just download the game, open it, pick the ride that suits you better (a sporty biker or a big-belly drive), and start racing. Kicking and punching are not only allowed but highly ENCOURAGED while racing on the street!

The game contains multiple game modes, such as the Checkpoint Champion race, where the goal is to safely drive through all the set checkpoints keeping others left behind. Remember, everyone will try to win. So, shoot at incoming obstacles, punch and kick other bikers, and do bike stunts to get extra points. Also, when the race ends, make sure that you have picked up speed & life boosts along the way. The better you race and get points, the more game modes you can unlock and play. Use your motorbike racing skills and try your best to beat your own high score and finish all the game modes and enjoy the crazy combat racing rush!

Download The Race

Chaos Road: Combat Racing

Chaos Road is another crazy combat car racing and shooting game for Android that mixes combat, riot, cars, guns, and racing! The goal is to ride your car to the city of chaos and chase and eliminate multiple crime bosses and gangs to rid the city of riot and be the top champion.

So, fasten your seat belt, accelerate your ride through the horizon of many different fast lane roads, shoot and smash enemies riding cars, trucks, bikes, tanks, planes, and more. Destroy enemies’ champions on the way, launch guided missiles, rockets, dodge bombs, laser beams, gamma-ray, nuke, bomb, and power-ups on the lane, and make use of unique special weapons that raise the level of classic shoot ’em up style. Take the fast lane in a traffic race, attack and smash cars rivals on the road to revenge the city!

Download Chaos Road

Racing Smash 3D

Racing Smash 3D is another cool bike combat racing game. In this game, you can attack and fly over any opponents who try to overtake you in the game. There is a huge amount of equipment are waiting for you that you can use to fight while riding! You can fight with your feet, baseball bats, huge pan, Thor Hammer, Gold Hoop, guns, and more!

With a variety of cool motorcycles and weaponry, you are the coolest boy on the racing track! There are lots of areas are waiting for you to explore, from town to wilderness, beach, metropolis, diverse tracks, diverse and more. All you need is to pick your ride and keep going and passers-by, trucks, taxis, vans, and even airplanes! Totally insane!

Download Racing Smash 3D

Max Fury – Road Warrior Racing

Max Fury: Road Warrior is our last pick which is the mad demolition derby in the post-apocalyptic world. An amazing driving simulator racing shooter game with awesome graphics, cool cars, killer guns, and crazy gangsters. So, are you ready to immerse yourself in a dangerous world where players roar engines of the monster trucks, use guns, explode cars and perform air flips to get to the podium?

Let’s go, tear your rivals to shreds! Stunt performances grant drivers with speed boosts that are essential to beat all opponents. Shooting exploding enemy cars are skills that racers need to master. Use a wide range of unique killer cars, upgrades, parts, and weapons! Defeat the boss and become the only king of the roads! Don’t worry while racing, cops are afraid of you and do not chase your cars!

Download Max Fury Road Warior Racing