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Best Coolant Control Device: Weldsaver +DrawBack


Proteus offers the best tool for coolant control and water saving. Despite having some Weldsaver drawbacks, the tool protects welders from heating up. It also plays a role in protecting water-cooled motors and expensive welder parts like caps and electrodes. 

You will get the best coolant control device from Proteus. For more than 25 years, they have offered the world the vest flow gauging and welding tool. They saw the need to solve the problem in the welding industry by offering an advanced tool to serve various purposes. The major works of the tool are coolant control and leak detection.

What is Coolant Control?

Coolant control is the control of heat made by your machines. The coolant reduces the heat and clears the debris and chips from the system. The process is possible and optimum when the engine is in a good state. The speed and load of the engine determine how the coolant will work. 

When you use water pumps and valves on an active coolant, you’ll reduce the coolant warm-up time when the cold engine starts. The effect was noted in some tests done with heat-validated models. 

Leak Detection System

A leak detection system helps save heat loss. It cuts down the losses a firm faces when fluids spill without your knowledge. A leak detection system will detect pressure differences and locate the source of the difference. 

Some tools will activate the automatic shut-off. It happens when you have set the tool to respond. The response time is short. It ensures you do not lose much of your fluids to minor spills. You’ll get leak detection systems in three major classes. They are software-based, hardware-based, and bio-based. 

What is Weldsaver Drawback

A Weldsaver is a tool that shields robotic welding tools from loss through leak detection and heat monitoring. You can use the tool to check weld guns, coolant flow, and cooling circuits for the weld cell. The tool can detect flow loss due to cap loss, horse burst, or any other unfortunate incident- For example, the Weldsaver would do the following. 

  • Cool electrode by checking heat conditions and coolant flow.
  • It has a 1 second shut-off time after it detects pressure loss.
  • The Weldsaver has 0.4 seconds wait time to activate an alarm. Thus, if the tool is not activated for shut-off, you will get an alert and take action.
  • The leak sensing algorithm is patented. Thus, you will not get the feature in any other leak detection tools in the world. 
  • You can adjust the alarm settings and other features. It makes the Weldsaver drawback the best and flexible tool you can get.
  • You can get a Weldsaver that gives you a display option. With the display, anyone can read the meter with ease. Alternatively, you can have a browser-based interface. Here, the tool will have software that sends the readings to the browser. 
  • The tool ensures you have a constant and timeless coolant flow rate. 
  • The gun-changers and weld-cap need remote controlling of valves to work well. 
  • The tool works with a known flow range. The volumetric range is 6-50 LPM. on the mass flow rate. You will need 1.5-13 GPM. The heat ranges are 4-110 degrees celsius. 

Key Features

Below are the key features you will find in a Weldsaver + drawback are:

  • A flow rate of up to 50 LMP
  • The data is displayed in metrics meters. The language used in the display is English. 
  • A fast alarm response of 0.3 seconds. It also has a shut-off response of less than one minute.
  • The tool is compact. It occupies a small space. 
  • It gives you options for electric and other types of water valves. 
  • It can be fence mounted or robot mounted. 
  • It has intelligent leak detection. This feature allows for the automation of the toil.
  • It also serves as a flow meter.
  • The coolant shut-off valve is optional. You can set it to go off at your liking. 


The Weldsaver drawback is the best technology in the market. It ensures the smooth running of the tool is the best investment you can have. Save your firm with a Weldsaver.