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Best Cube Timers Apps for Speedcubing


Speedcubing is earning acclamations in today’s world.


People have started to shift their focus to better and productive ways of passing time rather than watching television or doing some unproductive activity. And, one of the most productive and beneficial ways to pass time or distract yourself is speedcubing or simply cubing.


Since the time when cubes were invented, they have taken different shapes and sizes. The first-ever cube known to humankind was a Rubik’s cube and from there started a whole new era of cubes of different orientations, alignments, shapes, and sizes. There is no stopping even now, there are different inventions of cube coming every day in the market.


Today the market is flooded with various cubes. Cubes as innovative as one could imagine. Matermorphix, axis cube, skewb cube, and many others. Every sort of cube has its own distinct feature and style.


I entered the world of cubing from a young age and believe me when I say that the benefits of cubing are immense and varied. Cubing provides benefits such as – enhanced memory, better problem solving and analytical skills, inculcate a sense of patience and calmness, and definitely provides a great workout to the brain. Apart from these, it is great for fingers, and also helps in improving dexterity and mobility of the fingers.


Over time, cubing has also become a great way to distract yourself and is even great for a kick of adrenaline when you are feeling too bored studying, or working. Moreover, researches have stated that cubing has helped in relieving stress and anxiety as well.


Hands down, cubing is splendid, But some people prefer to take it to another level and build their game of cubes. With continuous practice and a lot of determination, people climb to the practice of speedcubing.


Interestingly, people could speed cube timers and solve a Rubik’s cube in mere seconds. Exciting, right?


And with the idea of speedcubing comes the idea of timing the speedcubing. And for that purpose, we would need either proper devices to time the speedcubing or any other easier and comparatively cheap instrument to help with the timing.


We all must be aware of the devices used to time for speedcubing, but today, I am going to tell you about some of the best applications out there, that could help you to time your speedcubing and will give you a better idea of your progress.


These applications are easy to use, compact, portable, and whatnot. Basically the goodness of a great quality cube timer in an application.


So, without any further ado, let’s get started and know about some of the best applications out there.


1. Solvexio –

A great application with multiple features. It is definitely one of the best speedcubing timer applications present in the market. Apart from a timer and a countdown, it also provides various algorithms and methods to solve your cube. It is basically a complete guide for anyone who is starting with speedcubing and is a beginner in this arena. A complete all in one guide, and a great timer, is what Solvexio provides. This can be downloaded on both Android and IOS phones.

2. ChaoTimer-

An innovative and fun timer, it is great for people who are advanced in the art of speedcubing. It provides a timer and also ranks its user in accordance with the time taken by them to solve the cube. This helps the users to rate their performance in comparison to other users and brings a sense of positive competitiveness to them. ChaoTimer is compatible with both Android and IOS enabled smartphones. Moreover, ChaoTimer also helps in using different options through different gestures which is a very unique characteristic of this timer. Easy to use and technically advanced, this is a great timer for people who would like to excel in speedcubing.

3. FiveTimer –




A great app for timing your journey of speedcubing. This app is best compatible with IOS users. A great app, it gets updated regularly and is technologically advanced and suits great with a modern mindset. The app provides a plethora of features, form methods to help to solve a cube, to different sorts of timers. It is definitely great for anyone and everyone who is either entering the world of cubes or are trying to excel in it. A great and awesome application with several benefits at the tip of your fingers.



With these four amazing speedcubing timer applications, you can enter and conquer the world of speedcubing without any hassle and worries.


Happy cubing!