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Best eCommerce Payment Gateways For UAE


With eCommerce growing in UAE at an infectious rate between 2004-2008, the demand for different online Payment gateways also increased significantly. In a world that is constantly being digitized, it becomes exceptionally crucial for eCommerce businesses, application owners, startups, etc., to have an approved payment method. A smooth-running payment method for any eCommerce website in UAE ensures a fruitful result. It must be glitch-free and should not have any bugs. 

Moreover, as an eCommerce business owner, you must know which payment gateway is best suitable for your business.

More and more people are now shifting to digital payment platforms.  If your business is based in the UAE, this article will lead you to some of the best eCommerce Payment Gateways for UAE. 

(1) Telr (Innovative Payments)

Telr being the most widely known and trustable payment gateway in UAE provides maximum payment methods. 

It is now supported in 100 plus countries, and the methods keep on adding to the number.

The three payment levels of Telr:

  • Entry-level, for example, startups: AED 349 per annum
  • Small level, for example, SMEs: AED 99 pa + Transaction Costs
  • Medium level, for example, eCommerce business: AED 49 per annum + Transaction Costs

Additionally, Pro Web partnered with Telr to provide the best complementary payment gateway services. 

(2) Amazon Payment Services

Amazon Payment Services is now the biggest and most widely used payment gateway in the UAE. No setup fee is required before installation in starter packages. The commission rates for Amazon Payment Services is comparatively lower than the other payment gateways. 

All instalments are automated, and it provides security services with transparency to the users. Moreover, Pro Web, in partnership with Amazon Payment Services, provides smooth payment processing. 

Pricing Structure

  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost: Per 2.9% + AED 1.84
  • Monthly Cost: AED 420
  • Additional security charges: Setup-AED135 and monthly AED 455.

(3) Checkout

Checkout is an international online payment gateway founded in 2012 for eCommerce with 87 currencies and over 15 languages. 

It got active in the UAE in 2014 and provided solutions to online and mobile purchasing. 

Payment Methods offered by Checkout:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • MADA

Pricing Structure:

  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost: 2.9% + AED 1.10
  • Monthly Cost: None

(4) 2Checkout

2Checkout is a different company, and it’s not affiliated with Checkout. This international payment gateway was launched in 2006, including trading services for debit cards and credit cards in over 200 countries.

Some of the payment methods offered by 2Checkout:

  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mastercard\ PayPal
  • VISA

Pricing Structure (Approximate):

  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost: 3.5% plus AED 0.10
  • Monthly Cost: None

(5) CCAvenue

CCAvenue, launched in 2001, is one of the largest online payment gateways offered by India. The Gateway then launched its counterpart in Dubai to expand the network and Global footprint. 

It is widely being used in the UAE for payments and transactions by eCommerce websites and companies in Dubai. 

CCAvenue offers pricing which happens to be suitable for all kinds of small, medium and big enterprise and eCommerce companies. 

Pricing Structure (Approximate):

  • Setup Cost: Free
  • Entry-level ‘Economy’ package: Free
  • Annual software upgradation charges: AED 60 (Not applicable for 1st year)

(6) Postepay

Postpay is a payment gateway solution that offers the ‘Buy now, pay later’’ option. It also provides zero-interest with no fees. 

One may pay in instalments, with the first instalment (33%) being processed immediately. The seller then ships your purchase, and you get to pay the remaining instalments later. 

Postpay is a PCI DSS company which makes it super secure to use. eCommerce business owners in Dubai highly prefer Postpay as a payment gateway platform. 

It charges no additional fee or interest. 

(7) Stripe

Stripe, a technology company building economic infrastructure ranging from startups to eCommerce business, payment gateways and business management, has now expanded to the Middle East, namely, Dubai in the UAE.

eCommerce businesses and companies in Dubai can now access and accept and give out payments through Stripe. 

Pricing Structure:

  • 2.9% plus 30 cents per credit or debit card transaction.
  • 2.7% plus 5 cents per in-person credit or debit card transaction.
  • International payments cost an additional 1%.
  • Add-on services cost an additional fee.

(8) PayTabs Payment Gateway

PayTabs Payment Gateway is one of the most convenient and easy to use payment gateway tools. The software is well-designed, and the user interface is excellent. In addition, it allows easy payment links. It allows merchants, service providers and businesspersons to receive payments smoothly. 

Pricing Structure (approximate) 

  • Set-up Cost: Free
  • Per Transaction Cost: PayTabs Start-Up (up to $ 2000): None PayTabs Growth Plan (over $ 2000): 2.7% + AED 1
  • Monthly Cost: PayTabs Start-Up (up to $ 2000): AED 183.50 PayTabs Growth Plan (over $ 2000): None


If you want to do business setup in Dubai or seek an online business to sell your products, you will need an eCommerce website and an online payment gateway. If so, you can read the article above to get a clear idea about transaction charges, set-up costs involved and the documents required to apply for a payment gateway.

Lastly, Pro Web is a company that can help you design and develop your eCommerce website and assist you with payment gateway integration services as well.