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Best International School in Gurgaon Helps Kids to Acknowledge Their Efforts More Than Results


Success and failure is always judged on the benchmark of the achievements. But the wise people always think that the thing that really matter’s while doing any task is what are the efforts put in completion of the same, so whether the result is satisfactory or not it’s another agenda in totality. So efforts should be given the prime importance as it plays an integral role in completion of the task. We are discussing this because when we are asking children to focus on achieving success, so they tend to forget about the means rather they may also use unfair means to achieve their goals. So if the goals are achieved by your children through unfair means then it’s not worth it but if right efforts are used to achieve the goals then the children are very happy, this is what is encouraged by the best internationals school in Gurgaon.

We all know that there may instances that after putting in immense efforts still the goals are not achieved but the role of the teachers of the best international school in Gurgaon are to encourage the children to achieve their goals with good deeds and never take up the wrong means to achieve their goals. If you are teaching or making the child the feel that one failure in achieving the goals is the end of the world then the children will never get the courage to try to work hard for it and they will be losing focus for their entire life.

The below mentioned points are listed by the best international school in Gurgaon that will be throwing lights why children should be taught to focus more on the efforts than the outcome :-

  1. Cultivate the idea- Never give up:-
    If you are always focusing on the efforts rather than achievements then your children will also be learning from you as they will also think that efforts are vital than the end results even if the end result is not satisfactory . Once the child learns to focus on the efforts then they become motivated to stick with the goals without thinking about the results.
  2. Encourage to fight it out:-
    If you are always encouraging your ward to focus on the efforts than the results then gradually they follow your steps and will be fostering in their minds the importance of efforts rather than the end result. Continuous encouraging the children to follow the good means as well as making them understands the importance of efforts will also help them to turn into optimistic individuals who will not be able to feel sad or disappointed even if the goal is not achieved.

Best International School in Gurgaon teachers always keep sure that they are encouraging children to focus on the efforts in completion of the task and not on the result for the same. It may be difficult for the children in the first instances but gradually they will be inculcating this habit for the rest of their life.