5 Best Learning Apps for Kids

Due to the technological advancement of the last decade, the education system is changed too like all other systems. Online classes are very common today and when it comes to the current pandemic situation, education … Read More

Best Learning Apps for KIds

Due to the technological advancement of the last decade, the education system is changed too like all other systems. Online classes are very common today and when it comes to the current pandemic situation, education through technology is the only way, and it’s good. Kids can also get benefit from this way because there are several great quality learning apps available that are so helpful to teach your kids preschool lessons and many more. Below are the 5 best learning apps for kids to choose from.

So, let’s check out and choose a nice one for your child!

EarlyBird – Virtual Learning Children’s Academy™

Let’s start the list with the EarlyBird — the latest yet one of the best learning apps for kids. It’s virtual learning and its features are the best compared to the same type of features with similar apps, it’s even cheaper! The app is carefully designed and developed by professionals where simplicity and modern classroom technology techniques are mixed together. If you are looking for the nicest Preschool and Pre-K virtual learning app, this is one of a kind to go with.

EarlyBird is super fun and safe, perfect for early-stage (ages 2-8) child development, learning, and education. Kids can learn alphabets, shapes, colors, numbers, feelings, counting money, and much much more with it. It has Artificial Intelligence like Amazon Alexa, but as a Tutor, has Augmented Reality like Snapchat for taking online classes, as well as, Video Games like Candy Crush but with an educational twist, and even Video Tutoring like Zoom, as a safe learning boost if your child extra help needed). Moreover, cool Prizes for winning challenges, and kids love prizes. So, join with others and let your child become a genius tomorrow.

Download for EarlyBird for Android; IOS Version coming soon

Youtube Kids

What is Youtube, we all know. But do you know, there is a kids version of Youtube that exclusively made and curated only for kids. There are different educational videos and entertainment content in it that can inspire and enhance young minds. It allows them to easily watch their favorite shows and learn many new things, as well as, they can explore anything that captures their imagination. From every aspect, Youtube Kids is one of the best learning apps for kids without any doubt.

The contents and videos on Youtube Kids filtered through a mix of automated filters built by engineering teams, human review, and feedback from parents as well in order to protect our youngest users online. This app is available for free use, simple to handle, and of course great for kids.

Download for Android or IOS


When it comes to helping your child learn a foreign language in an easy way, Duolingo is the best option so far. The app offers learners a variety of languages including various steps to make it easy to learn for everyone, even for kids. Included languages Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Irish, and even English. It’s totally free to download and use, doesn’t have any hidden fees. But it has in-app purchases that are optional. On top of that, this app is incredibly effective and fun to teach foreign languages to your kids as well as to yourself.

Download for Android or IOS

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is one of the most popular free educational apps, offering a wide range of courses for students of all ages. It also allows students to work at their own pace. The Kids’ version – Khan Academy Kids, which is designed and developed by Khan Academy professionals for young learners from 2-7 years old. There are books, games, songs, and videos in it so kids can learn math, ELA, logic, and social behavior & emotion easily yet in a fun way.  It’s specially created for kids and it’s safe.

Download for Android or IOS

NSF Science Zone

NSF Science Zone is our last pick. This is an exclusive app created by the National Science Foundation that allows users to showcase advanced science and engineering news images, and videos for kids. These all content are specially curated for children, and all the content available is authentic, high-quality, and updated every week. Many of the content are also produced by the NSF or from scientists and universities around the world. The best app to choose when it comes to teaching your kids about science and technology in a fun and interesting way.

Download for Android or IOS


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