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Best Market Research Analyst Job Description Template

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This Market Research Analyst job description template involves the listing of most significant Market Research Analyst’s responsibilities and duties . It’s customizable and ready to post to project boards. Use it to save some time, attract qualified applicants and employ finest workers.


Market Research Analyst project profile


Market Research Analyst is a marketing professional specilized in gathering and assimilating information and distributing it so as to spot changes and predict market trends.


So as to bring Market Research Analyst that best fits your requirements, it’s essential to compose a very clear and exact Market Research Analyst job description.

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Market Research Analyst project description


Are you an expert Market Research Analyst searching for a chance to improve your career?


If you love finding and economically extracting the vital insight, critically analyze, and construct a story around it, then we’ve got the ideal job for you!


We’re searching for a specialist Market Research Analyst into zake direction of all aspects of market research jobs and encourage fact-based decision which makes our direction to ensure flourishing of our small business.


Gather and examine data through contemporary and traditional approaches on customers, competitors and the market location

Devise and layout qualitative and quantitative custom market research jobs

Perform qualitative and qualitative analyses to identify opportunities for product growth

Employ statistical methods to interpret information and create substantiated guidelines.

Prepare reports of findings, demonstrating data graphically and interpreting complicated research to written text and presenting results

Make recommendations for viable Procedures for market insight

Proactively discuss and current market research reports and information analysis across the business

Research competitions and compile information for benchmarking

Build strong partnerships with cross-functional teams

Advise management on new inventions in the area of market research, and develop new approaches to Satisfy the needs of a changing market

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Marketing research analysts collect together and analyse information from varied sources to create results, that can then be presented back to your customer. Market research analysts have been hired by private and public sector organisations, in addition to by charities and non-profit organisations.

Best Market Research Analyst Job Description Template

The particulars of the study carried out will change based on the kind and size of company, in addition to the business. Research analysts typically specialise in qualitative or qualitative study. Quantitative research involves working with considerable quantities of data from data from structured surveys and may be employed to identify attitudes, behaviors or patterns of earnings.


All these are somewhat more unstructured and need to be translated by the industry research analyst. They could show underlying motives, remarks, and motives and take more time to finish.


Normal responsibilities include:


Designing polls and advising on methodology of collection of data

gathering info and assimilating data, using statistical applications

tracking the progress of data collection

collating data and interpreting information for customers

making recommendations based on the data accumulated

presenting findings to customers in an easy-to-understand way

handling a team of data collectors and data entered assistants

negotiate contracts for research jobs

handling focus groups, carrying out interviews and running polls

handling budgets

Salaries, working lifestyle and advertising

Marketing research executives that specialise in qualitative study typically adhere to a regular’nine-to-five’ day, even though they may sometimes be asked to work from hours on bigger jobs. But, executives specialising in qualitative research might need to work in unsocial hours so as to generate contact survey respondents.


The job is well driven and therefore, based on the job you’re working on, can be more stressful. Most an executive’s time is going to be spent in a workplace, but you could have traveling to meet customers.

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Salaries could be enriched with bonuses and may include benefits like life insurance or health membership.


Promotion would be always to senior analyst, reports manager, study executive or into direction.


Marketing research analyst will also be known as information analysts. Market research executive is a related occupation part. Graduate vacancies can be promoted as research assistants or as graduate trainees.


Average employers of market research analysts



Authorities and local governments



Market research consultancies and Advertising agencies

Most chances are based from the south-west of England, even though there are opportunities in different areas of the United Kingdom. You might also do the job overseas.


Market research businesses (consultancies) could be commissioned by private or public organisations, such as advertising businesses and charities.


Could be self explanatory or on a contract basis but generally this is only possible after establishing your experience in the business.


It’s possible to find deductions in professional books, on line job-boards (for instance, TARGETjobs), the Ipsos Mori site, recruiting agencies and neighborhood papers.


Qualifications and instruction demanded

Most employees in the industry have a level and frequent subjects for qualitative researchers are maths, economics, statistics or business.


For functions specialising in qualitative study shared degree issues tend to be in social science or humanities. But, occasionally a particular degree subject isn’t required. Possessing a postgraduate qualification might also be a benefit. It’s possible to work from a market researcher article and it’s also possible to join the profession via an apprenticeship.

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Essential skills for market research analysts

Capability to deal with rapid and driven work


Strong attention to detail and a strong analytical mind.

Capability to detect patterns within figures

A fascination with psychology and behavior

Great organisational abilities

Outstanding (spoken and written) communication skills

Confident presentation skills

Commercial awareness

A systematic approach to work

Familiarity or training in data or a willingness to master

have powerful IT skills and have knowledge of or be eager to master statistical software packages

Be in a position to be flexible and work as part of a staff.


We’re trying to employ a market research analyst with excellent organizational and study skills. Market research analysts are expected to be more concentrated individuals with a solid proficiency in mathematics and sound business acumen.


To guarantee victory, market research analysts ought to be outstanding communicators and intuitively comprehend patterns using a keen interest in supplying purposeful and true insight into customer behaviour and competitors’ strategies. Leading candidates will display critical thinking abilities, strong IT skills and a comprehensive attention to detail.


Help in the development of marketing strategies.

Conduct study on particular market conditions.

Assess consumer tastes to ascertain the possible sales of a service or product.

Analyze costs, methods of distribution and marketing.

Quantify the effectiveness of marketing programs and approaches.

Devise and evaluate approaches for information collection.

Gather information on customers, competitors and market requirements.

Simplify complex information to some user friendly format such as graphs, graphs and other visual aids.

Prepare and present reports to customers and management.

2 decades of expertise in market research and investigation.

Ability to understand and translate competitor strategies and customer behaviour.

Thorough understanding of advertising programs and approaches.

Capability to assemble considerable quantities of information and then turn it into meaningful evaluation.

Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented.

Capability to operate under pressure and meet stringent deadlines.

Powerful proficiency in mathematics, web analytics and business research tools.

Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities.

Ability to simplify complex information to a format that is user-friendly.

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Job Overview:


The Market Research Analyst will research, compile, and analyze information about merchandise and market conditions to determine potential new markets, revenue opportunities, and also the best procedures of advertising products that are specified.


Supervisory Responsibilities:




Identifies and defines the aim of an assigned advertising research endeavor; decides the best methods to use to satisfy these goals.

Drafts questionnaires, surveys, polls, and other information collection tools.

Researches and compiles data linked to current product marketplace, client demographics and curiosity, and variables influencing product requirement; assesses results to identify methods of optimizing sales and market awareness of present products.

Compiles information linked to competitors items like pricing, sales, and advertising or supply methodology.

Reports findings, complete with charts illustrating information and written text describing complex findings.

Identifies possible new markets or products through research.

Forecasts and monitors business promotion and sales trends based on collected information.

Delivers presentations and reports of findings to executive or management leadership.

Required Skills/Abilities:


Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities.

Superior analytical and research abilities.

Ability to interpret complex theories and methodologies to readily understood language.

Physical Requirements:


Has to have the ability to lift up to 15 lbs sometimes.