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Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Australia

Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Australia

In this day and age, web applications have an extraordinary impact on our regular daily existences. Let it be Google docs, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth, web applications have become an integral part of our lives. Because of this reason, the number of designers and entrepreneurs is increasing rapidly. Similarly, many entrepreneurs also started the Best trading platform Australia. This profited them the advantages of higher customizations, cost adequacy, convenience, and noticeable openness.

With the continuously changing customer preferences, trends, and dynamic business environment, it turned out to be a great Business related idea. Such applications have moved their advantage to web application improvement in order to build a bridge of connection between organizations and customers. They started contributing their time, cash, and endeavors into the course of a Mobile app development company in Australia.

In addition to the above, let us discuss some of the best online share trading platforms mainly related to Australia.

CMC markets

This online stockbroking application is best in the overall sense. Ranging from numerous extensive features and options, it is suitable for all kinds of traders. Apart from advanced and experienced traders, it is also suitable for novice investors. The best part is that the traders on this application get access to various trading tools. Furthermore, you can also keep a check on the latest news, market feedback, technical charts, global shares, Australian shares, and currencies. This application is suitable for Android as well as iOS devices. Another feature is to customize your own watchlist. You can create and even edit the watch list as per your preferences and equity performances.

Superhero share trading

If you are looking for an application that is best in terms of a low-cost broker, the Superhero share trading app is suitable for you. Superhero share trading application is a platform for Australian as well as US stocks. It has one of the lowest brokerage fees in Australia regardless of whether you are an active or inactive trader. Moreover, there is no inactivity fee, subscription fee, account fee, and even zero brokerage ETF investing. The best part is that it is available on mobile phones as well as desktop devices. Since it is a user-friendly application, beginner investors can surely invest in this. 


If you are an Australian-based share trader and looking for an appropriate online trading platform, look no more. SelfWealth is one of the best share trading platforms for Australian share trading investors. From low brokerage fees and inactivity and subscription fees, you can access its basic account easily. This application will keep you updated about the latest news, watchlist, and trends in the market. Moreover, a list of comprehensive research tools and stock analysis tools further becomes helpful in profitable trading. This application includes all such factors and tools that make it the best application for Australian share trading.


Experienced traders have many options to choose from when it comes to online trading platforms. However, for beginners, there are only a few suitable and helpful applications. Sharesies are surely one of them. It is a simple-to-use share trading online platform offering endless benefits. Especially for traders belonging from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, Sharesies offers trading in only a few cents. Moreover, for Australians, the brokerage fees are also very low. One of the other best things for beginners is that there is no minimum amount for investment and availability of free-of-cost educational content on the platform.

Interactive brokers Australia

Interactive brokers have secured rank number one in the international share trading platforms. There is a long list of global markets which includes stocks from 33 and above countries. If you are a trader interested in global share trading, you will have to incur a very low brokerage fee. Moreover, the currency conversion rate is also very cheap as compared to other platforms. It also has tools related to fractional shares, technical analysis, advanced charting, stock analysis, and so forth. Moreover it also regularly feeds about the news and companies announcements.


To conclude it won’t be wrong to say that the latest technologies and market trends go hand in hand. If technology is progressing, market trends also require us to take advantage of the same in a beneficial manner. People indulged in the share trading industry are preferring the online mode as it offers convenience and comfort. Still, it is advisable to conduct research on the application beforehand. Only then you can grab the best opportunities and optimize your best returns on the investment.

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