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#BEST Places for Food Lovers in Australia! Must Visit to Satisfy Your Appetite


It is being said that people who love to eat are always the best people. Well, not all people are crazy about food. Some like to eat only their local food or fussy, while some love to try different foods. You may have heard people say to each other- ‘I want to try all the dishes in the world.

The fact is not unknown to you that most of the people who go out or travel wish for amazing food there. Some like to eat their native country’s food while some look for the host country’s best food. It does not matter whether you are on holiday or have any other reason for visiting different countries, but you always wish for delicious food there.

If you are one of the people who love eating and planning to go to Australia, then you are on the right piece of information. In Australia, many places are known for excellent taste and unique cuisine. If you are planning to travel to this country, and have a love for food, then you should not miss out on trying the food of the below-mentioned places.

So, without further delay, let’s move ahead and know these places.

  1. Sydney: It is not only known for Opera house and Bondi beach but also seafood. If you love fish and any other seafood, then you are most welcome in this city. Barramundi is the famous food here. It is a quintessential Australian fish served in the restaurants of Sydney. This fish is the powerhouse of lean protein. Barramundi does not have a strong odor like other fishes, so you will not have to struggle to avoid smell while eating it. Quay is also one of the famous dishes available at Sydney Harbor’s waterfront. If you want to have a unique experience of dining, then go to this place; you will love the food and view both at the same time. 
  1. Melbourne: If you love drinks, along with delicious food, then you must visit Victoria at least once. Freshly-prepared food is provided in Melbourne, and you would be glad to see the variety of food offered. Melbourne is the right place for food lovers. From 65 to 90 km away from Melbourne city, you can find locally produced food. If you want to try fusion food of Italy and Australia, then nothing can be better than Margherita pizza. Don’t miss this world-class dish that fetched many awards.
  1. Adelaide: It is known for the best food market in Australia. If you visit this place, then you should try award-winning Oysters from Smoky Bay. You can have the feeling of heaven when you go to the place named Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop. Pie Floater is a famous food, and many tourists come to Adelaide to eat this tasty dish. This destination is known as a paradise for food lovers. So, don’t miss out on this place for tasty food.   
  1. Swan Valley: If you are in search of local food, then this is the best place for you. From the list of expensive foods to drinks, you will get it all. Swan Valley offers lustrous food that you should not miss if you are in Australia. Swan Valley is only 12 km away from Perth, so it will hardly take 18-19 m. to reach this region.
  1. Bridgewater: It is a small town in South Australia famous for a baked dish named ‘Snot Block.’ You only need to spend 4 dollars to buy this dish and have an experience of rich food. You can find not only non-vegetarian but also vegetarian finger-licking dishes. So, ready to eat the best food with variety.
  1. Regional Victoria: If you are a lover of creative dishes, then you should not miss a chance to visit Regional Victoria. Many dishes are expensive due to the valuable ingredients that are used to make them. You can also try some local food in small restaurants in this place; they also give competition to the big restaurants’ foods.
  1. Tasmania: This place is known for fresh food that is specially prepared from sea animals. If you want to try some adventurous food, then Tasmania is the best place. You can visit it with your friends to multiply the joy of adventurous food. With views of deserted grounds and beaches, you can enjoy the excellent food in this region.
  1. Fleurieu Peninsula: You can reach this place after the 45-minute drive from Adelaide. You can enjoy the distinct flavors of the local region in the wine and food, and it is the specialty of this place. Order the unforgettable Clifftop dining that you will never find anywhere in the world. You can go to this region with friends or family and enjoy delicious food.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” –Paul Prudhomme.

The quote implies you don’t need to spend much to eat good food. Are you a food lover? then you don’t need to bother about any expensive eating tool or spend much money to enjoy any food. Visit these places with whoever you want and taste the rich flavored foods.

If you are tensed about how to reach these places while in Australia, then with little research, you can find them. Regarding the location, some information is mentioned in the above points as well.

So, get ready to enjoy the Aussie food and satisfy your appetite.

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