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Best places to make real estate investments in Vartak Nagar


There are tremendous benefits for investing in residential units in India. The currency value of all the developed nations is strong against the Indian rupee and thus these foreign investors are able to reap a lot of profits by investing in India. Vartak Nagar is one of the very few cities in India that has tremendous scope for an excellent return on investments for Indians. Investing in a 1 BHK flat in Vartak Nagar will definitely be beneficial in terms of profitable investment returns for foreign investors. Some reason why real estate is one of the most profitable investments for NRIs in India are as follows,

Reasons behind profitable real estate investments in India:

  1. Price Benefits:

Cheaper costs and affordability are the most important reasons why NRIs find investments in India as a lucrative option. The gap in the currency value gives NRIs a competitive edge over the Indian rupee, thus making investments a profitable one for them.

  1. Rental benefits:

Buying a home here and leaving it for rent serves as an excellent secondary source of rental income for NRIs. They can keep the property for the long term and can be used during their visits to the country. Alternatively, they can leave the property for rent and benefit under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Foreign investors can also claim benefits of deduction under maintenance and repair of the property.

  1. Benefits on retirement:

Senior citizens can benefit tremendously from the benefits of a reverse mortgage. Also, the money taken from the bank towards the expenses of a reverse mortgage is not taken into consideration as NRI income. People are thus able to both keep the property and also get the money back, creating a win-win situation in favor of their retirement period. A number of banks are taking this aspect into account and implementing the same to create a beneficial stance for the NRIs, investing in India.

  1. Long term returns:

The real estate industry in the Country is witnessing formidable growth for the past few years and is expected to grow by an appreciable margin every year. The real estate investment by the NRIs has also multiplied many folds compared with the past years and they consider this as a long term investment for their future. There is greater transparency in real estate dealings at present times for NRIs, making it beneficial for both the investor and the developer.


There are tremendous opportunities for real estate investments for foreign nationals in India. But these investments have to abide by the strict rules laid by the Foreign Exchange Management Act. As an Indian it is important to coordinate things well before making a purchase. It is also a good idea to take professional help before making a 2 BHK in Vartak Nagar in the country.

Bottom Line

Previously investors used to rely on agents and brokers for closing real estate deals in the country. But sometimes they also hinge up with fraudulent agents who fake properties and its cos. But now foreign investors can take the help of itransparity asher the most reliable real estate website based in India, that lists properties from every single state and district of the country.