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Best Practices For SEO Of Your Shopping Site


Congratulations on your online store!! Covid-19 did limit our physical interactivity and sales of the offline stores. Thanks to the internet, unlike old times, you can handle the entire store from the comfort of your home. It did provide many house makers with a golden opportunity to try their hands-on business. Your online store would barely drive more sales owning to innovative and exclusive products. You would want to strengthen the back of your firm under the aegis of a Local SEO Company in India to stay ahead of the local competitors.

At the dawning stage of your shopping website, the first thing that would come to your mind is limited finance. Affordable SEO company in Gurgaon would slacken your financial insecurity. At the onset of the career or house makers, the youth would have limited access to finance.

That’s a great start – having a result-driven SEO company by your side. But if you are opting for doing it yourself. Here is more that you can do.

Optimize Product Pages

When one thinks of SEO, they think of two things ONLY – KEYWORDS and sprinkling them in the CONTENT. In terms of Page title, headers, subheaders, product description, image file names, Image alt tags, meta title and description, URLs, and schema mark-up to get rich snippets. That is not the end of optimization. 

The heart of any shopping site is product images and videos. Work on improving the page layout and quality of the mages (in terms of size, resolution, cropping, lighting, and focus) and ensure that it does not contribute to lowered site speed. 

The slightest of efforts like breadcrumbs, structured data, lightning-fast page load speed and genuine reviews would consolidate to surge customer experience. 

Mobile Optimization

Do not mistake mobile-usability with mobile-first indexing as they are chalk and cheese. We are way above the intention of the Mobile-first indexing update today. Through this update, Google back then prioritized ranking and indexing the mobile version of the webpage, but we have realised the necessity and impact in just a couple of years since this update rolled out.

On top of it, you can stay relieved as most Shopify themes are optimized for mobile, so it would be a gigantic task. All you need is just check whether it needs any further optimization.

Site Architecture

Given that its structure is a crucial factor for search optimization, it becomes essential to have a better site architecture. It is simply organizing the pages. Doing so would help Google understand your side, though we highly recommend submitting a sitemap to Google as it would ensure that not all of the pages are left from being crawled and unindexed.

The clean and straightforward architecture would enhance the user experience. The internal linking structure would be clear and such that bots would easily discover pages of the website. 

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DIY attempts may show results but could not be trusted to sustain those results in the long run. All of it will not be an issue if you opt for reliable and Affordable SEO Services that provide promising long-term results.