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Best Road and Driver Safety Mobile Apps 2021

Best Road and Driver Safety Mobile Apps

Your mobile phone can cause a distraction while you’re driving on the road but what if your phone can help you avoid bad driving behavior to build a safe driving habit? Sounds good! Really! It’ll be nice! Considering this issue, here below we have listed the 4 best road and driver safety mobile apps that you should have installed on your phone. You’ll love these apps and help you stay safe when you are on the road.

So, let’s have a look at them …

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

NYC Corp Road and Driver Safety

Our first pick is the all-new free Road & Driver Safety mobile app, developed by Not Your Child Corp with the help of road safety & breathalyzer professionals that encourages checking BRAC to your driving conditions before start driving. Because in matters of life and death, hindsight is just too late!

The app has options to purchase personal breathalyzers at a discount, get free service alerts, and win free breathalyzers staying in the know of legal road limits world-wide. The breathalyzers are also available for wholesale business and corporate events. Moreover, they have a calibration option, so you can register your personal breathalyzer here for service updates and submit your breathalyzer for re-calibration instead of throwing that away. A must-have road and driver safety app sure!

Download NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety App for Android / for IOS

Drive Mode


Drive Mode is a free mobile application that includes a streamlined interfacing interface to safely answer calls or send and hear messages, as well as, voice-enabled commands and large buttons to let you focus on driving. The app also includes a simple swipe or tap functionality to move seamlessly between your favorite apps.

You can easily set up and launch Drive Mode when you start driving. Once the app is active, all the incoming calls and messages will be ignored in “Do Not Disturb” mode, and will automatically send text message auto-replies. Sometimes, if you need you can even choose to reply to calls and messages using seamless voice commands. Simple, easy to use, and useful!

Download Drive Mode for Android / for IOS

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LifeSaver – Families


The LifeSaver Driver Portal for parents is dedicated to providing an easy way to keep their eyes on their young children. Ensuring the app is installed and active on their young driver’s smartphone, it provides arrival notifications, automatic scores, rewards, and In-drive status that you can see in the in-app dashboard.

The app is available for both Android and IOS. The most interesting part of this app is that it automatically disables texting and calling while the car is moving. There is also an emergency call and passenger unlock feature which notifies the parent when the phone is unlocked. Overall, very convenient and useful app for young and teen drivers.

Download LifeSaver for Android / for IOS



Waze is mainly a navigation tool that’s most popular among drivers. It’s free, user-friendly, and available for Android and IOS. It sounds audible alerts when your speed exceeds the posted limit. Besides that, you can always know what’s happening on the road with it. It let you know about real-time traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more. If traffic is bad or anything else that blocks your route, Waze will change the route to save you time. Obviously, one of the best road and driver safety mobile apps!

Download Waze for Android / for IOS